The content of the sixth stage of the T salon in Northwest China

      July 15th news yesterday afternoon, northwest IT salon sixth successful, this period of the Northwest IT salon is the theme of the road where the Xi’an IT based service enterprises? From 263 Xi’an, Xi’an 029 online recruitment network, Sheng day Internet, four Internet, boccio Bo data, Xi’an Tietong, PHPCMS website management system, power network, AI Tang Shi Science and technology, computer software, langsa learning network company / site of more than 20 people participated in the salon, everyone on the development of Xi’an IT based service enterprises and the future together for the exchange.

      what is IT based service enterprise?


      IT service based service enterprises include: website design program development (website), website promotion, domain name service, IDC services (including web hosting, host based system integration, post office) (mainly are: the internal information network, internal communication network and system maintenance). Expansion of some of the business includes: network marketing solutions planning and implementation, e-commerce solutions and implementation of the planning, information technology and service agents and entry-level consulting.

      Xi’an IT basic service enterprises current industry situation: local, foreign, blue ocean

      according to the Xi’an IDC enterprise represented here, Xi’an is currently the IDC company in about more than and 30, if you count the number of individual or studio, would be huge, but at present, Xi’an IDC enterprises are facing each other smashing price vicious competition, plus Xi’an local operators to set the threshold from the price is high, and the field simply can not be compared, resulting in a lot of local enterprises in Xi’an prefer to use local IDC service, rather than the use of local. Four Bo Internet Ke Zunping deep experience, but he also stressed the need to attract customers live in the service, the price is not the most important factor in customer choice. Boqiao data, Wang Rui said, he is engaged in the IDC market for many years, do IDC like selling cabbage now feel that the price is very cheap, but profits are very limited. General Zhang Xi’an Tietong IDC said, Xi’an Tietong IDC current local customers is not much, most of the field, and Xi’an local, usually buy cheaper products, while the field generally buy expensive products, why Xi’an local enterprises rarely choose the local IDC service, he thought, and actually as important as technology services.


      and IDC business situation is different, Xi’an local website management system development and sales of PHPCMS out of their own way, PHPCMS site management system, said Zhong Shenghui, P>