WeChat and developers of the interests of the game how to open

core tip: in the wave of wave of baptism of the Internet, businesses in contact with emerging Internet products have conditioned reflex. When the third party developers trying to give businesses to provide more long-term than short-term effect of marketing products, businesses of WeChat marketing has become an obstacle of excitement.

Tencent so other developers do?! "sitting in Hangzhou beta coffee shop, the white crow waving hands, words anger is anxious. In the exposure to the WeChat third party developers, deep industry pass pocket founder white crow is one of the most anxiety out of the.

the reason is very simple, the white crow in a pioneering project "shopping" after the failure of work for two months, is to see a huge opportunity for WeChat hidden in the field of electricity providers to dive in. He from the beginning to clear the path, the use of their own electricity supplier experience based on the WeChat platform to create a new business store system and CRM system, this is not a small system than Taobao, he said. But the way out "national team" of other Tencent Inc team began to do such a thing, and has WeChat interface authority third party developers do not have the.

, we had felt that they too understand the electricity supplier, that even if the Tencent can not do, and then found that things are not so simple. Now is not a fair starting point, if every time the new features allow the internal first, if the test every six months, the time window will soon pass." From the beginning of January this year, the white crow had to focus on other platforms including micro-blog.

as of November 2013, in the 15 months since the opening of the WeChat public platform, there are already registered accounts of the number of days to maintain the growth rate of 8000 every day. Behind this is a variety of third party developers who are looking for their own location and space in the WeChat ecosystem. Which is like a pocket pass, WeChat radio assistant, car dealers through developers is rooted in a vertical industry, there are third party developers like buses, the micro platform for various industries to provide standardized services. These two types of developers in both models or ideas are far away.

for the former, they see a huge opportunity after 3 years, WeChat is not a tool for the immediate use of gold, but on behalf of the future of a subversive force. For the latter, WeChat and micro-blog and no essential difference, in the final analysis is still a marketing platform, but the way it is different. In the same ecosystem, although because of differences in positions have different perception of change, but from a series of "national team" to stimulate them are more or less uneasy.

provides services to the same enterprise Tencent Campanula, its service is free, this is a fundamental impact on the profitability and MSI for barye. At present, MSI has worked on include micro sites, a key navigation, online message, reply keywords, custom menus, sweepstakes and other basic functions of free and open, because different customers barye still >