nternet association to participate in the nternet to participate in the public welfare day

      after May 25th, "after the 2007 China Internet public on love relay" was held successfully in construction of "everyone benefit Internet" as the theme of the Internet public action into another relay, and Internet public on the station officially launched long real love.

      the relay to "love relay, concentric Internet peers as the theme, aims to love relay, get more attention, to participate in the Internet webmaster propaganda activities in Internet public on love. The event will also carry out a variety of forms of interactive activities, such as the establishment of the love of the webmaster group, love, and other interactive hope webmaster wish. Integration of the concept of Internet public day, a deeper level to promote and promote the theme of the Internet public day, calling for more caring people love.

      Internet association called for more Internet webmaster to join the caring team to play grassroots light and heat, condensing power of the grassroots, the deeper the Internet to promote the development of public welfare undertakings, the Internet public on the voice of the farther. According to Comsenz introduction, there are two ways to participate in the love of the webmaster group, one is to join the Comsenz-Insenz community marketing alliance! All join the Insenz Community Alliance Forum will be to push a public zhidingtie, show love activities to the site members by post and called on everyone to participate in the discussion. Another can also be added to the site Banner publicity, in the appropriate location on the site to put a unified Banner.