Old rule talk about how to create a quick success from the media

with the arrival of network information, things spread very fast, many people now found recently seems to happen is too much, it’s not, just now the network speed is too fast, too wide area. This also shows that pick up the phone everyone can be a reporter, everyone can become the target of the elaboration of the characters, everyone can serve as director, so that really since the media era has arrived. You can find now playing from the media is more and more, some senior "heavyweight" really can also form a certain influence, but also to promote the effect and benefits, it shows that since the value of the media, in fact more often is invisible. But how to create a successful media in a short time,


first, a person from the media must be familiar with the principles of the industry, with a certain degree of professional knowledge and a keen sense of the news, select a corresponding platform. These are one of the basic conditions, these conditions only stopped heel, to seize the head, a gimmick. This is a qualified person from the media’s own demand, but also far sighted, choose a reasonable and appropriate platform, this can choose according to their actual situation and decide about the direction, if correct, will be able to achieve good results. Currently you can choose micro-blog, WeChat or self built website platform and so on, can specialize in one place, can more flowers, mainly is all according to their own needs and decisions, there is no unified requirement. The establishment of only the basic condition is a prerequisite to ensure quick, legalization, normalization of their packaging.

secondly, the need to package themselves, to establish a good image, that is, the direction of the upcoming publicity to determine the appropriate reference to some of the methods and promotion skills. The packaging is very simple, so that their identity and status of the "special", such as the use of certain units and institutions or the company’s title, in order to guide people’s eyes and ears, here is a legal name, there is no false rumors, the bottom line can not break. In the process of packaging, always around the positive attitude, can be authoritative words, can also be humorous and funny, in short, is an optimistic idea. Because it has been in the direction of the media, but also a good thing not to go out, the bad news in the portrayal of thousands of miles, in the dissemination of negative issues, it should be easier than the positive report of the eye. But often it happened a lot of confusion about non hearsay and interpret out of context, so the short-term effect should be in favor of, or is widely used. Want to in a short period of time is hot, here is not against, nor in the attitude, but can be used to grasp the sense of propriety, can not violate the relevant laws and regulations, so that The loss outweighs the gain..

then, a short time to achievement and breakthrough, must be in the self media, dull remarks dead endlessly, not speculation is speculation. Here is mainly to explain, how to achieve the hot scene, there are many methods, such as the fact that people to act in a diametrically opposite way, is to die, is to recruit people curse; some people say.

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