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Accurate positioning of the

site, you can make your site to become the first choice in the eyes of users. Become the user’s eyes second of the site, it is tantamount to more users to the competitors, because for the user to choose a website, just a web site difference. Web site operators to promote the resources are very limited, site area and industry position is too large or too small, often not up to the operating results, the size of the circle of interactive online and offline, the user often determines the actual effect of the degree of adhesion, unless the website for all communication and trading mode is very convenient for online the way, a wide range of national and global success of the website are numbered. Webmaster and small website operators often have large and the idea of a website can be a province or a city, or even a smaller area or an industry first, refining industry and regional decide the site’s users subdivision, as long as there is a certain number of user groups, there is a certain amount of active the user is sufficient to support a website operation.

for a region, the localization of the site is often the most advantageous. A lot of US Internet giant companies come to Chinese are the second, for many reasons, the most important is not in-depth study of Chinese culture and the habit of Internet users, these are ultimately localization issues. There is an old saying "Chinese gehangrugeshan, advantage industry segments and professional knowledge still exist in website promotion, China network of people, a very small business is very impressive. Familiar with the region and the industry, as long as the location of accurate intentions, your site is the first in the eyes of users. Of course, the site selection of the positioning, must pay attention to the brand building site. The domain name of the website and the Chinese name is very important to the user, do not easily tell others, I don’t care about the domain name of the website, because after the positioning of the site to determine the most suitable domain name, often only then one or two, content and technology of the same, it is easy for users to have a sense of trust to the great and memorable domain name and website brand name Chinese that is easier to attract and retain users. The best website domain name and website content, search engine algorithm Chinese on the phonetic domain have included certain rules, and even web content related meaning "Pinyin + digital" domain name is often in the search engine rankings than the meaning of domain name closer to the top, and choose a suitable for the operation of the site the domain name will give your site to bring more traffic and users, which is also an important reason for some high site replacement domain.

website operation promotion, whether large or small, for the first category, brand positioning, differentiated competition, there will be a lot of opportunities, seize the opportunity of straw will become a towering tree. A similar project, copy, innovation and localization operation promotion mode difference website brand positioning is the real brand positioning into the eyes of the first user, that is, innovation and localization of the successful replication.

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