Advertising to have an ad like

unfortunately, most ads are invalid.

in the form of advertising has been evolving from the previous upright makeup now enchanting. But the good news is that the change is good. I almost forget the appearance of good advertising, so that the good or bad is not clear. What’s the best way to say today? There are two most common types of advertising.

is a pure advertising.


function of the main selling point of the product, is very straightforward to tell you. This is not an example, a lot of TV advertising. The advertisement is so boring that the advertisement is closed in half. If advertising is not attractive, it is a waste of time and money.

is a false advertising.

is the most popular. Said a very attractive and even touched the story, and finally linked to an ad. Readers can eat this, love God turning such advertising, such as Liushen Leilei said Jin Yong, left and right Gu ye. Through the story to attract readers, the last turn of God patch advertising. The strange thing is, we not only offensive, but loved. This kind of phenomenon is the most terrible, because readers do not hate advertising?. Do not care, how to hate and like to say.

The so-called

advertisement, like a small piece. After reading the reader, oh, that’s it, and then it’s over. The only impression is left to the reader, the writer meaning, really terrible. What is the product? What is the appeal of the product? Nobody cares. This advertisement is so interesting that readers don’t care about your product. Well, the ad itself has lost its meaning.

that’s embarrassing. Advertising is boring or irrelevant. Or 0 attractive, or not focus on the product of the 100%. Exactly how to do product advertising?

Rothery J J said that the product must have a unique selling point.

Leo Bernar said that the product will bring a certain drama.

so find the unique selling point of the product, find it dramatic, make the ad interesting and useful.

1, a unique selling point

how do you determine if your ad is effective? It’s easy to see if your ad competitor can also use it.

, for example, Thailand, a financial product of God advertising.

did not find the financial products behind the replacement of another, it becomes a different advertising. This is now popular with the soft patch advertising is the same reason, their usual practice is this. Offer a view, or boil a bowl of chicken soup.

took financial products and said they would tell a story about the importance of money.

money is a man of Meitu Xiu Xiu.

women have no money.


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