From millet and return of patriotic slogans marketing


distance millet shouted "new domestic campaign" has been a time, a teacher comments corpse "why should boycott the" new Chinese "millet?" article, make those millet conference "new Chinese" three red characters to burn shoes very angry; and at the same time, "the" tap water "full of excitement. king return" box office more than six, more than the "Kung Fu Panda 2" become Chinese film animated film at the box office of the championship standings. Well, today want to talk about this matter domestics.

The so-called new products

, in fact, has a long history about Chinese goods, due to the nature of certain groups of human beings, and the instinct for "I" and "other" self contradictory, product bundling and national sentiment, is almost a common in the world within the scope of the marketing concept, but due to historical reasons. "To catch up with foreign brands, the enemies" in this matter is especially adept China brand. For example, a few years ago Metersbonwe brand positioning of "new Chinese", and "the Great Wall will never fall, when the self value of the domestic" low values to a new height of the Patriot brand. TCL Group Chairman Li Dongsheng also jokingly said: at present China consumer groups have enough economic ability, so don’t rely on Apple’s political consciousness, "no TCL no problem, but I still hope for Chinese goods, the media should take the lead."

well, it seems in most periods of history, to promote domestic products is a natural political right, and in the special period, China is the national pride to acme, for example, recently often used compared with the millet SONY — on the endorsement of this matter for the "new Chinese", SONY is definitely the predecessors. In 1989, SONY founder Akio Morita and the Japanese right-wing politicians even one of Shintaro Ishihara’s most famous work was published by the offbeat masterpiece: "Japan can say not" (years later, China appeared a few of the imitation of the book, bad) as a known friends said: "no matter in Times Square openly hung Flag of Japan. Or write" Japan can say not ", or" American propaganda think SONY is an American brand ", there are strong nationalist plot, the play is to make the semi feudal and semi colonial state of the Japanese climax, SONY also became the brand brand from the patriotic national salvation."

of course, when SONY is undoubtedly the extreme play minority, but the product is enlarged to the national emotional level, almost in marketing textbooks on a single chapter. In Chinese, in addition to the Smith Barney "patriots" straight from the heart, to some extent, including BAT, Lenovo, GREE and other Chinese enterprises, often will label products naturally or half unconsciously playing in his body.

why? The most direct answer is: Generally speaking, the gap between the quality of domestic products and temperament, can only rely on "feelings" more precisely, "emotion" and "quality in offset; little difference", most of the time, has a wide range of emotions is not more than the domestic label premium one of the means.

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