Talk about the views of network promotion

Compared with the traditional way, the way of

network promotion is more challenging. Can give full play to their ability and skills, like when Milutinovic said, football is actually very simple, just kicked the ball into the goal, network promotion also is such, as long as the purpose of OK, the more flexible things the more active.

traditional media has penetrated the whole society, the society has almost a hollowed out, and not to say that there is no future, just ahead of the pace will become slower, and the investment is relatively large, so more and more companies and individuals will look to the more mature network, a company does not have its own network some Nabuchushou in contemporary society. Therefore, the number of website is more and more, this is the status quo and multitude an irreversible trend. How to make a lot of sites on their own website to maintain a good ranking and exposure on the need for a certain amount of wisdom and skills, in the domestic search engine is the most important way to find the site.

so, there is no doubt that maintaining a good degree of activity will be their own site and more sites do connection is a very good way. Personal view: optimizing the connection site structure keywords is the key of three parts, optimize the internal website keywords and this is their own problems, their own internal needs to solve, this is the name of the company and the company store, you need to take care of them also have a lot of skills. These are just a foundation, more important is the connection, this is the traditional sense of the publicity.

personally think that in the propaganda model, doing a good job of the enterprise when the number of New Oriental company, his reputation model is a type of propaganda, is almost a ten, ten hundred this step by step to the best effect, but if you can do this network promotion is undoubtedly an excellent website the core is to let others help you propaganda, well said here, as one of the ways I think you are a coup,

thank you for your support! There is a good way to actively communicate ah!

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