What are the detailed steps to open the shop Teach you the phone Taobao shop registration steps


mobile phone application updates in the future, and now we can easily set up on the phone Taobao shop, and how to operate it in detail, we look forward to the speed of my experience.

first, please put your phone on the Taobao client software updated to the latest version, and then log on their Taobao account, enter the Taobao application main interface. After logging on to the Taobao client application, click on the "my Taobao" menu, and then click on the "I’m seller" menu item


I entered the seller after the interface, if you have now opened a Taobao shop but was temporarily closed, then click on the "activate" button to activate the Taobao shop.


if you have ever driven a Taobao store, click Show in the interface agreement page, then select the "I agree with the reading agreement", then click on the bottom of the screen and the confirmation button



After the confirmation of

shop operation, you also need to Alipay account real name authentication and ID photos and their consistent recognition of the operation, all these need to operate on the computer, because I have been related to verification, so we will neglect these processes, but we in the shop when these are essential.


After the

has completed the operation, we will see the "now on" button, and then click on the button to open the store.


next, we came to the store management page, in store management page, click the "post baby" button, and then enter the baby details page, fill in after you can click on the lower right corner of the "post" button, release the baby.


in the order management menu, we can easily see to be shipped, to be paid, as well as the refund of the order, it is very convenient for us to trade.


Click to enter the baby management page, we can see our shop in the sale of baby baby, warehouse and other information, we can take the baby to the warehouse trading platform, will also be on sale in the baby off the shelves.


in the store settings menu, we can set the name of the shop, profile, avatar, shipping address, and so on, in order to make everyone’s shop as soon as possible to take the peak, small partners quickly try it. If still >

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