Haier mall was awarded the best logistics services provider

May 16th, Haier mall in the "financial network users favorite enterprises voted" won the best logistics service providers "title. The event organized by the financial network, which lasted 23 days, to pay attention to the consumer experience, from the user’s perspective, take the network voting, in three categories of 6 categories in the selection, a total of 13 international brands, well-known brand Chinese 11 win. Haier mall together with Microsoft and Lenovo jointly won the 3C appliance category. The industry believes that, from a macro point of view, the results and the status quo of China’s economic development, and China’s high-end consumer groups in the consumption situation is highly consistent.

with the rapid popularization of the Internet and the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping as a more and more popular way of consumption, to bring great changes in people’s lives. But it is undeniable that the line of logistics service development lags far behind in the online business expansion, especially in household appliances and furniture and other bulky items, compared to small commodities, refrigerators, air conditioners and other products because of having the characteristics of vulnerability, can not be split, large volume, inconvenient transportation to bring more. In addition, specialization and complexity of home appliance customer service also make logistics practitioners unable to proceed, so online shopping appliance in the delivery, installation, not to not go upstairs, no customer service delivery problem area limited service is becoming increasingly serious, logistics has become a major home appliance business development constraints.

Haier mall as the only official online mall Haier group, has been committed to providing consumers with accurate and fast online shopping experience. To the user’s personalized needs as the center, through the Haier Group logistics network, service network, marketing network, the four network of the Internet and the depth of the deep integration of work, and ultimately create a user service last mile competitiveness. Haier mall based on Haier group in the County Township established thousands of stores, in the establishment of logistics distribution Chinese more than 2 thousand and 800 County stations, and more than 17 thousand service providers, truly "sales to the village, delivery to the door, to the home service". Has been achieved in more than 1 thousand and 500 districts within the limit of up to 24 hours, in the county to achieve the service within 48 hours of the 460. Real users can click on the Internet to get a one-stop solution for home appliances.

in addition, for consumers to buy home appliances for different requirements of logistics and distribution, Haier mall proposed an accurate solution to achieve a little mouse, home delivery. The newlyweds rush to purchase home appliances through the layout of new houses, "limited" to ensure that this single installation can arrive the day after tomorrow. The white-collar work busy, scouring the Internet to the right of the appliance, but cannot leave to work or travel goods, provide the press about delivery, send installed sync service, to solve consumers before delivery and installation does not require multiple synchronous appointment leave trouble, ensure once can be installed in place, save time and worry. Body in the field, would like to give their loved ones far away from home to buy a home appliance to make love, do not worry about the problem can not be sent. Haier mall can help you meet the desire to achieve remote delivery, into the village community, upstairs home, send one, one-stop service, break through the limitations of the regional distribution of home appliances, let >

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