One should be happy and healthy counterparts Wangzhuan

see Wangzhuan and persistence, and years as the theme of the article today in several Wangzhuan forum, my heart is still relatively heavy. I don’t know is do Wangzhuan brothers, is everything all right now? But I know the webmaster brothers, very hard, very very house, they stick to their dreams, perennial and computer, and the website and give up the rest time, give up recreational opportunities, diligently not tired, round the clock work in in front of the screen, with their the hardships, in exchange for a fluctuated income suddenly appear and disappear.

a friend said, do Wangzhuan, people are old, the hair sat out, sitting out the disease. Yes, sitting in front of a computer for a long time can bring some problems, especially health problems. For example, I know some of the webmaster, working late at night, second days to get up at about noon, rest at night, breakfast can not eat, completely disrupt the human body clock, how much is some damage. This situation I have been, I am now adjusted to work every day to sleep at night, nine in the morning to get up early to eat breakfast. But I didn’t think what is wrong, because I got used to adhere to eleven two years, should be adjusted to the overall biological clock, so many years did not feel what was bad. But I still want to engage in Wangzhuan friends, Zaoshuizaoqi, do not stay up late, to eat breakfast, sitting in front of the computer to a certain time, to leave the computer and walk around the body, body activity. Of course I didn’t do it because it’s hard to change. But if because of the habit of yourself after regret, then The loss outweighs the gain.

said, do Wangzhuan, sit at home all day, with little outside contact, exchange less, fewer friends. Personally, I think it all depends on your personality and life. In one, the basic is not the case. If you love itself does not make friends, do not love to communicate, so even if you don’t do Wangzhuan, for other industries, you are a result of. Because you are in the passive communication, such as friends. You do not take the initiative, a lot of things, including people and things, will not be close to you. I have a few friends, do not like to participate in any group activities, then you have to make friends, there must be limited. As these places are a great place to chat, you can participate in, what chance to communicate with people, what opportunities and promote friendship? I’m not saying to participate in the above activities, you can participate in some local fitness or ride or tour pal CLUB, no problem. And the cost is low. I have to write your blog, so make some local webmaster friends, of course, also welcome friends guidance and communication. So I suggest that friends can participate in some of the local Q group or forum, to find some friends gathering line, or more daily walk with friends contact, these not too boring life is too boring, the amount of information you will therefore increase, perhaps even inspired to promote the higher you success.

spring, and your friends and family to go out to play, often go home to see their parents, often and friends

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