97 Amoy brand trademark was registered online trademark disputes become the hardest hit

in extensive network Beijing on April 16th news (reporter Zhuang Shengchun) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that Jeremy Lin was "taken from the influential man", to the basketball star Jordan and Chinese company name to protracted lawsuit, apple Proview dispute trademark war already is not what happens. But if you think of cybersquatting occurs only in which big brands and big star, it is wrong. Recently, many seemingly unknown online brand, especially Taobao mall Amoy brand, has become the target of cybersquatting mechanism.

at least 97 Taobao mall "Amoy brand" trademark is a brand management agency registered, which caught the lack of some well-known Amoy brand. Reporter login China trademark is registered trademark category inquiry found that, although most now outside of the main business enterprises, but is likely to be the future expansion of the field of enterprise. For example, Crespo card men’s brand, in the wedding, leather goods and other fields have been registered.

Crespo card men’s director Xie Wei said that they are already taking action. Before we actually have been registered, but it may be the category of words, there is no special attention." Xie Wei said.

In 2008 Taobao

Crespo card mall, when a polo shirt is their first product Taobao mall deal. Even this industrial senior Amoy brand, still be loopholes, let alone the smaller brands, in fact, the whole field of electronic commerce are filled with "trademark battle smoke. It seems that the industry veteran, Zhang Youwei is the network operators, network operators to start empty-handed in brand awareness of the brand to the registered institutions congenitally deficient, with an opportunity.

Zhang Youwei: we do one of the biggest characteristics of grassroots network is born, our business thinking on the "sell" above, including the boss, employees especially the external senior supervisor, he decided to sell the good performance, a position in the industry to.

According to Zhang Youwei

, the second half of 2009, the next line of business began to enter the network, which makes the network are under pressure to consider revising their strategy, but there is still no real popular brand concept.

Zhang Youwei: this time we call the brand is to use words and pictures to express, is how to make our products more attractive pages, speak some rude words, now in the business circle, the concept of brand is all about in the scene, in fact privately back or sales strategy, sales promotion in fact, there is no thought of doing the brand means.

lack of brand awareness, let network operators are forced to "save the trademark" battlefield, then such a battle, will not allow the network to have previous efforts to remedy the situation, is not to cast to the wind?? for online brand, and how should nip in the bud of


however, encounter registered brands are also not to do. >

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