The insurance industry to seek greater development embarked on the electricity supplier is inevitabl

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news we know that in two, the development of insurance strategy will, at this meeting, China Insurance Regulatory Commission officials, corporate executives and experts and scholars gathered about the insurance industry, the road of change, deep bottom. When we ordinary people’s mind to stay in the insurance an insurance salesman, a home to sell insurance and in the insurance company, selling insurance service does not stop talking on the phone and asked the insured person, whether there is renewal when the insurance has been with the pace with the times, had entered the Internet marketing. So in the insurance industry, why the electricity supplier as their core channel?

customer thinking change + buying habits drive the development of the insurance industry

reform and opening up, so many decades, China’s earth shaking changes, people come to feel deeply. To people in a matter of course does not meet, who would think to buy their own insurance, because of social contradictions exist, peoples have not been fundamentally resolved, will not have extra money to the other. But when held eighteen, will build a well-off society in an all-round way when speaking in 2022, we should see that the people of the whole society, the life level, a large part in the pursuit of the spirit of the material, with more people planning for the future, your life will have a security, you will choose to buy their own insurance or family.

plus, now people in the popularity of online shopping, the retailers also earned pours, when entering the insurance e-commerce, online shopping insurance is consistent with the mass consumption habits, but also more copies of buyers to buy insurance channels. This will drive the insurance will be on the development of electricity providers on the road.

market trends in the electricity supplier into an inevitable

for online shopping people are aware of the e-commerce platform to provide products, are generally simple, convenient, at first glance, you know what goods. So this is one of the reasons for our consumers to choose online shopping, it is time to save, what they want, point to open the appropriate module, choose their favorite on the line, but also removed from the line of physical activity. This is a change in the electricity supplier market trends, it also confirms why electricity providers can be so popular.

so the insurance industry choose electricity suppliers at this time is a must do, there are potential customer resources, similarly, in the customers need to buy insurance, but also can clearly know the classification of insurance, also can let customer convenience shopping. Who would like to do their own career better, there are more markets, then the electricity supplier is a successful customers, the market platform. This gives a sufficient condition for the insurance industry to choose the net sales.

government’s support for back support power

when a thing in the development of the first, to have the support of the government, that is a big backer.

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