Foshan hundred enterprises Chinese domain name was registered

– all kinds of enterprises currently Foshan business sector registered a total of 30 million, the real registered enterprise own domain name does not exceed 1 000

– including CHIGO, Kelon, Jianlibao, Macro, Lining and other dozens of well-known enterprises, have been other companies or individuals to register

– experts predict: "Chinese. China" domain name after the official opening, packaged application or variable single application, the application fee or change

"China" domain name will be written to the world’s root domain name system

sponsored by the Chinese Internet Information Center "China global domain upgrade" theme series of activities held on Friday, about more than and 100 companies sent representatives to participate in the seminar. According to Chinese Internet Information Center experts, from next year, "Chinese." domain name written in the official world root domain name system, all the "Chinese.Cn" domain name registration users will automatically receive the corresponding "Chinese. China" domain name, the user need not separate application for registration. In addition, next year, "Chinese" Chinese domain name on a global scale to achieve access to all chinese. For example, an electrical appliance Co., Ltd. Foshan, the original Chinese domain name enterprise name.Cn, the domain name after the upgrade, the input does not need to switch characters and English letters, enter the enterprise name.

this change has a great impact on the promotion of brand." Guangdong Internet association Liu Qidong said that many brands of enterprise web site is a list of English, users are difficult to remember, even if the English name, but also in the ".Net" or "try.Cn" suffix several times, so the majority of users through the search engine, and then from the hundreds of thousands of the selection of a web site and click on the link most likely, enterprises every year to pay a lot of advertising for the ranking of search engine results.

in addition, the English website is also likely to appear "Li Gui", that is, the use of the similarities between the English alphabet fraud.

newspaper news (reporter Chen Xinyu) next year ". Chinese China" domain name was written into the global root domain name system, marking the Internet comprehensive Han era, reporters yesterday from the Chinese Internet Network Information Center was informed that since August, local enterprises in Foshan registered the domain name the monthly growth rate of 20%, has included "Kelon China.", "Jianlibao. China", "China CHIGO." hundreds of well-known enterprises and the Buddha domain name was registered. Internet experts warned that the domain name was registered after the time, money and want to return to pay more, for the protection of their own brand to register as soon as possible is the best way to protect the.

status: Buddha domain name registration month increased by 20%

it is understood that the current address bar directly enter the Chinese Web site, the result is often the wrong link, the root cause is the root domain does not support non Latin text input. Chinese Internet Information Center experts said that next year can be Chinese access to web sites, which means that most Chinese domain will be from the "sleep" Sino Soviet "

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