Baidu recapture the Japanese domain name baidu co jp

daily news (reporter Luo Tian) reporter learned yesterday from Baidu, Baidu Japan Branch officially opened the domain name. In order to recapture the domain name was registered, Baidu hit nearly half a year in Japan.

last year, Baidu in Japan, but then found that domain name has been registered, so Baidu had the second best, domain enabled, which is how much influence the promotion of Baidu in japan. domain name of the original holders of CBC Corporation, is a Chinese businessman opened in Hongkong. Mainly engaged in food and beverage business. Baidu in December 2006 to appoint agents and the company to discuss the transfer of domain names. But because the price is too high, the final part. Soon, Baidu Japan filed a domain name objection to the arbitration body of japan. Since then, the arbitration institutions that CBC Corporation’s behavior is registered, and the domain name to Baidu. The parties refused to accept the prosecution to the court, after a lengthy litigation, Baidu Japan finally in July 10th this year, the official access to the domain name ownership, and officially opened yesterday. This will have a positive impact on the promotion of Baidu in the Japanese market.

in fact, Baidu in the domain name of the loss is not small. Today,,, and other related domain names are not in the hands of Baidu. This will have no small impact on the future of Baidu internationalization.

in addition, Baidu also yesterday appointed the first president of the Japanese branch. Former Japanese YAHOO search business leader Inoue Junichi served as president of Baidu Japan, to honor the promise of Baidu CEO had said, the Japanese branch must enable local people commitment. In fact, since Baidu to enter Japan, here for more than half of the time, in order to find a suitable local occupation manager, President of Baidu Japan’s position has been vacant.

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