Reporter undercover occupation bad teacher group revealed the process of committing the crime

recent media reports focused on a poor teacher occupation harm to network sellers, even the day, reporters to join the three occupation bad teacher group undercover, find out their crime process: to find the target – Single – buyer seller negotiation group – the collective into compromise. Taobao (micro-blog) in response to the need to improve the loopholes in the system to prevent the professional assessment of rampant.

QQ group members of poor training

reporter found that the search online to poor evaluation Union, Taobao bad evaluation in the name of the QQ group there are many, many have refused to join strangers, a small number of dozens of people, there are hundreds of large scale. Reporters apply for three of them, found the QQ group sharing of resources, a day may "hunt" to about 10 targets, their single threat to the poor seller, if the seller requests them to change the evaluation, they have to "compensation to the seller".

, June 26th at noon, the reporter saw in one group, more than 20 clap moments of panic buying price of 1.98 yuan of a mosquito with mosquito ring. Less than 10 minutes, the group announced that the seller has compromised to more than 10 buyers to pay $10 each payment. In return, the administrator to extract each clap 10% fee.

according to the provisions of, in addition to Ali Wangwang chat software, other via SMS, etc. QQ chat records, were unable to appeal as evidence. A Taobao seller told reporters: to the poor people who want to open too much money, and some to tens of dollars, and some hundreds of dollars, but generally not more than 1000 yuan, because this is the standard of police filing".

reporter in a group called Taobao bad evaluation of QQ group, the administrator claimed to be a negotiator, the other members are clapping. In the group of shared files, find meat standards, poor evaluation process, a variety of issues, such as the training list impressively.

Hubei sellers encounter 15 bad day

on Taobao sold a few years of local products, I did not expect to encounter a professional evaluation division". Hubei sellers Liu Ming (a pseudonym) in Taobao opened a local specialty shop last week, a seemingly ordinary transactions, so that he was angry.

last week, a seller from Guangdong took a breath of 15 baby, priced at 10-20 yuan. Orders, payment, delivery, in accordance with the completion of this transaction in accordance with Liu Ming, I did not expect, the buyer actually gave all 15 goods under the poor.

"asked by Wangwang, the other does not always respond, just a message, through a mobile phone number communication" said Liu Ming, the other on the phone, said directly to the point of compensation change. When he made a full refund, the other refused. "The price is 10 yuan per unit, a total of 150 yuan". In desperation, he can only pay trouble. After arrival, the Buyer immediately changed to "praise"".

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