Do you know how to make good use of these 4 kinds of materials

I do drill exhibition more than a year’s time, a total of 3 million yuan has been spent, summed up the material produced several ideas, for your reference.

is the first to give a copy, made by the designer alone. This is a relatively simple idea, is a more common method. Drilling operations personnel to the corresponding resource size and copy to the designer, the designer according to their own experience to the composition, and finally produced the material of the drill exhibition.

second is done by brainstorming. Specifically how to operate it?

hits the bottleneck in the material in June, after doing a few sets of material, click rate are very general, can not be close to the previous level, not to mention beyond.

therefore, at the regular meeting on Monday, the organization of all customer service and designers do drill material training courses. Then each customer service, designers come up with two kinds of creative copy, in accordance with the unified background map, typesetting test. The test time of the day, the highest hits a winning, the winner will be rewarded a cup of pearl milk tea (person, money to pay) last need little punishment, such as a day for everyone to draw water and so on.

final test out of a picture click rate is very good, to achieve the desired effect, and then copy the creative image to other resources, a set of excellent material to complete the.

third is given after the copy, the specific color, layout and composition of the composition of all communication with the designer, the designer in accordance with the requirements of mapping;

A drill master (

development team spent a total of 250 million yuan) in the operation of a shop, the shop designer is a fresh graduates, even PS levels are not as good as him, but he is the designer for layout design according to his request, the first focus you can still make a click rate of 8% of the material.

is said to be able to estimate how much hits and how accurate it is when someone gives a picture of the first shot.

is ashamed to say, I do not have this ability.

fourth is to copy with the designer, through the communication agreement to complete the production of materials (two people’s performance appraisal tied together)


bag drilling exhibition shop each month to spend 3 million yuan, 5 people to do the drill exhibition, operation personnel performance appraisal and designers all bundled, so you can make a very high click rate material.

good shop all the material from the typesetting, the background color is uniform, just keep these elements at the same time, partial adjustment, so that consumers see these pictures will know that store, brand concept has been deeply implanted.

and after each test out a good material, continue to summarize, retain the good elements, each time local adjustments and modifications, so as to ensure that the click through rate to maintain a high level of


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