The feasibility analysis of direct selling mode in website promotion

Direct sales model

friends should be very clear. It is a multi-level marketing team paid way, allowing personnel to assist in the recruitment and training of new personnel, and allow them to drive the team because of labor payment according to the performance of the team.

One of the biggest benefits of

direct sales should be to help businesses save shop rent, staff salaries and advertising and other aspects of the operating costs, the model can be applied to the website promotion?


website is like a small business, not a lot of capital are less likely to take a lot of advertising to do publicity. In order to effectively reduce the cost and achieve good propaganda effect, are looking for a good way to promote their own website. But is still struggling to put off the dependence and search some of the traditional advertising models such as the exchange link exchange.

In fact,

direct model ideas we can learn from the website: display and spread layers! Not only through navigation is not included, through a large number of post, delete and send the way. There is such a platform, then make your website on this platform to show time, through the Internet active voluntary behavior makes you know the station for more people, more people are collecting and distributing. Of course, the premise is your station is a valuable site, at least their target population. It can form a Pyramid model, the top of the tower is the display and communication platform, the tower is loyal users use and dissemination of the site, the largest foundation is the vast number of Internet users, they know the station through the spread of this platform with your loyal users, and form a chain effect.

This time

will go to the above topic how to build this platform to showcase, individuals that can be accomplished in the form of favorites:

network favorites, just as its name implies is a collection site tool, but this tool can be extended, so that it is not just a collection of functions. I think the network favorites at this stage at least can achieve these functions: website alliance + + web site collection site navigation website comment + + collection interest group (create collectors. Alliance. These functions) only one purpose: to make alliance website display and spread a greater chance. (this website seems to have achieved these functions: net angle clip)

the following analysis feasibility:

website alliance: in fact, the so-called favorites alliance is to provide a platform for the majority of owners to submit your web site, of course, since it is a union, certainly need the webmaster can also bring some resources for this platform, specifically to see the webmaster idea.


site collection: This is not just a tool available to users, but also a tool for Adsense. Users of the collection is to use this station, head of the collection is to promote your website. It forms a benign interaction, users find the web site you need here > station

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