Microsoft to ridicule their competitors to highlight their marketing weaknesses

Apple started in June to go to Google, and the Siri voice assistant to provide search engine services will be changed, for Apple’s high-profile collaboration with Microsoft, Microsoft should return more of the spirit of cooperation, but not think over the next few days through the exposure of the Microsoft Siri voice assistant Apple products under an advertisement, and analysis of the Apple iPad and other intelligent tablet computer vulnerabilities, highlighting the advantages of its windows8 tablet computer, from the advertising content, Microsoft seems to be perfect, the technology is there at the capital, but from the marketing aspect shows Microsoft’s short board.

laugh at the opponent is actually laughing at his

has become the norm in the IT industry technology today, perhaps in a race each other, you have an advantage, but does not mean tomorrow you still have this advantage, but Microsoft in the field of mobile intelligent, seems to be still in the traditional thinking of the PC era in view of competitors, their subversive advantages in technology, so don’t put apple, Google and Samsung smart field giants in the eye, but the fact is the windows application in the field of artificial intelligence is less than 50 thousand, but Apple stores offer has reached more than 250 thousand, Google’s Andriod system is also used to grade windows system far left behind, thus Microsoft in the mobile Internet is failing.

but Microsoft has a typical boss thinking, boss who is also doing time in terms of publicity, through the Siri voice assistant advertising fully demonstrates Microsoft’s boss, but do not know the users have intelligent platform for Microsoft is not interested in the truth, and wanton irony opponent, in fact it is a serious resistance lead to other intelligent platform fans, such marketing is ultimately set up the stone on their own feet, but let the user become strong competitors.

Microsoft should learn to low profile and competitor cooperation

as the current Microsoft, in the field of traditional PC is no competition, but to the mobile Internet but Microsoft must put themselves in a correct position, then the mobile internet intelligent mobile phone system with Google and apple have to let Microsoft leadership regret it for a while, but if this will regret not into a fight, still go its own way, the Bill Gates believes that the future competition is the competition of the tablet computer this sentence as it will be like water off a duck’s back advantage of operating system, Microsoft is facing a thorough subversion.

so many experts believe that Microsoft should keep a low profile in the field of mobile Internet, for gezonglianheng attention and other competitors, so that their products can get more market, in fact, a few days ago, Microsoft and Apple’s cooperation is good enough to shock the world, but if Microsoft blindly to stimulate the nerve through advertising satire apple I believe, this alliance is very weak, so for the micro.

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