Save the bow family behind the hot network marketing

mobile Internet has become the most popular form of network for the moment, with the popularity of smart mobile phone, subway, bus, street, has been filled with every hour and moment "bow" figure, "bow" has become the most rampant in the mobile Internet Era Group, more and more users become bow family "network" autism "can be seen everywhere, recently, micro-blog and the rise of salvation" bow "hot events, and, with another batch of hot events, network marketing model also changed, the network hot events marketing is filled with all kinds of social marketing based on Web a new way of marketing development.

hot marketing continues to heat up

for the network marketing, all can catch the eye of the incident can become an important aspect of the development of marketing, therefore, WeChat micro-blog these big traffic has become the focus of network marketing, more and more electricity providers begin effective promotional activities on these platforms, establish their own group of fans, for the continuous development of the marketing campaign however, with the marketing competition, which has been completely unable to meet the needs of all marketing so hot network has become another major development way of marketing development, the recent rescue "bow" topic of re warming, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that this topic on the micro-blog platform caused by a viral spread boom line only 5 days caused 6 million 510 thousand people read nearly 400 thousand people to discuss, the marketing value is unprecedented Network hot marketing has become an important driving force for the development of the Internet market.

is a hot spot marketing network kidnapped

with more and more attention to the electricity supplier behind hot network marketing value, network marketing has spread hot wanton spread, the recent marketing gimmick is also growing, Taobao Ke Zhendong’s drug sellers for the event for the first time launched Ke Zhendong with a prison uniform, while Gao Yulun was caught in time, some sellers also launched the same T-shirt in the first time, we have to say, the network marketing has been a hot "kidnapping" has become a marketing gimmick by this way to make money an important obstacle that influences the development of Internet, network marketing is the focus of energy is the real way to seize the important consumer psychology, with the development of marketing to win the curry favour by claptrap, "by hot network marketing is marketing the failure of the kidnapped.".

positive energy behind the value of hot


network has been hot spot is an important way of attracting the attention of people, which gave birth to the hot economic also become people chase, more and more Internet business has become the main battlefield, hot marketing, but with that ugly hot way of marketing will be the hot marketing "insult", through the hype of positive energy the positive energy for hot marketing and correct guidance for hot marketing, to avoid hot marketing frenzy caused by non rational consumption is an important aspect of the development of marketing, therefore, for some secondary hot marketing farewell, for.

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