QQ marketing how to obtain accurate orientation of users 1

on the QQ marketing, before already and we share many times, but in the group of friends said, accurate user cannot be found, especially after the change rules of the Tencent, the value of QQ pan friend and QQ envelope is more and more limited, on the contrary, the value of QQ accurate users more and more high, then, and you share a few can quickly find the precise user mode and how to add to the database.

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select collect target user

generally spend energy to collect QQ users, is sure to ensure its high value, what is the high value customers from Taobao’s perspective, a pair of insoles for anyone interested in value, is certainly less than people interested in losing weight. The common profits outside the weight loss, breast enhancement, impotence, Wahaha, increased, but some time ago, the League issued a notice banning the promotion of commercial requirements, interested friends can look at [] Taobao off important notice to prohibit the promotion of reducing shrinkage increase goods Feng Zhuang announcement, so, Huo always next, with hair loss do demonstration, relatively speaking, the Commission is still possible.

method one: talk about search


After the

search, you can see a lot of related users, these are concerned about the hair loss of users, we can choose to talk about, and then its two screening.

method two: by querying the authentication space

into the search, we can choose to view the certification space, for example:


check, and then, and then, what we need to dig it – message board


can leave a message here, the basic is very interested in this topic of friends, so these are accurate data.

method three: visitor

in more applications, we can see that the QQ space of the visitors, the extraction space visitors software seems to have failed, after the revision of the Tencent, does not show up, but never mind, with the help of the wizard button such as you can, and the error rate is smaller.


method four: enter the site to tap

in general, can have a certified space, will have the same corresponding website, at the same time, the site will be used to collect the database then, QQ group, we can also join the QQ group, continue to tap the friend.


method five: QQ group search


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