Tear force marketing experts are so play marketing


in the "Three Kingdoms" has the largest lead aura is undoubtedly the prime minister Zhu Geliang, three, six Qishan, seven escapement Menghuo, East and north to Sun Quan, Cao Cao, received two Sichuan, eight line array. As the period of the Three Kingdoms Shu’s president and CEO, dedication from. (up to)


socia from the contemporary marketing perspective, Zhu Geliang is a master of marketing, but also well versed in the tear forced the essence of marketing. One of the most can show the wit BOY scene there are two talk rapidly, scold dead Wang Lang and lecturefield. So, today to talk about how Zhu Geliang is tearing force opponents –

first recruit: occupy the moral high ground

the "Three Kingdoms" scold dead Wanglang this chapter was against Cao Wei and Shu, Cao’s army led to Changan, Weihe to the West under the village. Cao Zhen and Wang Lang, Guo Huai discuss retreat strategy. More than and 70 year old Wang Lang and Cao Zhen said, I want to go out with him to tear, only words, discipline Zhu Geliang Gongshouerjiang, Shubing not retreat from the war.


then the king Langzong horse, first asked Zhu Geliang "why should I make the unknown teacher Xing, borders, and then made a pile of crackling, finally persuaded Zhu Geliang should know the fate of fitters, my big Wei Daijia million, you this horse, as early as possible to surrender, but also can give you a letter hou.

The results of

Zhuge Kongming did not play by the rules, the first is called "traitor Cao usurped, occupy the Central Plains, he said that a man of virtue". Then flashed his "zhaolie Emperor (Liu Bei) in the Xichuan throne, I am in Si Jun (Liu Chan) aims to fight enemy" card, and then attack Wang Lang "two ministers villain! White lived for 76 years, it will only blind BB (only Yaochun dance tongue, Cao Weinve) a broken ridge of the dog, dare I growled in position before! I have never seen such a person"

have no shame


This is Wang Lang

to shame, shame, killed in the horse.

The tear forced

marketing case: Shenzhou car "BeatU" theme. The black car at the

security problem

the morning of June 25th, a group of "Beat U I am afraid of the dark car Shenzhou car poster widely spread in micro-blog, WeChat and other social media channels, pointing to" U "as a rival Uber software icon. This group of posters to car safety as the pain point, quite fearless of death for a just cause potential. It looks like it’s really for customer safety. Although the subsequent advertising by many onlookers friends cursed. But after another 4 months later, the Shenzhou car the tear forced marketing is won.


second strokes: personal attacks

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