Shi Yuzhu readme how to spend 1 yuan out of the effect of 38 yuan

naobaijin advertising a year to pay 300 million, finally intermediaries in accordance with the broadcast of the assessment is 3 billion 800 million. The reason why there is such a big gap, is to minimize the cost of the team. Shi Yuzhu is how to do 1 dollars to spend the effect of the Shi Yuzhu in the only public works so far, "Shi Yuzhu readme: my marketing experience," in which he revealed his experience in the experience of the 38 – year – old in.

1, the lifeblood of China’s enterprises in advertising

if you can develop a good product, this product players, the company will have a profit. This is the R & D driven.

you want to improve your sales, it depends on more people know your product, in order to improve your sales, the company is marketing driven.

China is now the majority of enterprises are doing consumer oriented products, in fact, the vast majority of enterprises are marketing driven, or should be said that more than 90% of the enterprises are marketing driven.

good product is quite a lot of China, China can also develop a good product, R & D can not come out to learn abroad can learn. Technical aspects of China is not bad, good products can be developed, can be manufactured. But many companies did not do well, the problem lies in marketing. So I think, for more than 90% of the consumer category of the enterprise, it is the lifeblood of marketing above, the lifeblood of marketing and advertising.

2, figuring out what consumers watch TV station

every year, we spend hundreds of millions of advertising costs, which is spent on advertising channels which is very complex, different products are not the same.

, for example, we are now in CCTV, relatively do a little more. Why is CCTV doing a lot more, because CCTV has a wide coverage. Where does this information come from? This is our own investigation, we each local branch, a few times a year on a regular household survey, and then through the survey of a percentage. A city as long as the statistics of 100 is enough. Do not like the CSM, they must be clear to two decimal places, we do not, we as long as a quasi digit is enough, you can know about.

we have investigated, at the township level, CCTV occupy absolute advantage. The city is not too much to see CCTV, especially in Guangdong, such as Guangzhou, almost no one to see CCTV. But you have to go to the town level village level area, they usually open TV, often in the CCTV.

our products are national, and it is based on the consumption of three line cities, small cities, counties and towns of the primary market. So in this case, CCTV is our main channel.

3, with special emphasis on advertising discount

we place special emphasis on the discount on advertising fees.

City, Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan, our advertising costs

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