Network marketing QQ group promotion analysis

The development of

e-commerce has led to the rapid commercialization of many industries. Now no one enterprise will not know the concept of e-commerce.

is different from the traditional offline sales, e-commerce is mainly based on network marketing. However, the concept of emerging network marketing is very vague. Now the main mode of network marketing is QQ group marketing, QQ group is also promotion. In the end what is QQ group promotion, how to do QQ group promotion?

so-called QQ promotion is the use of QQ group such a variety of Internet users in the group to spread their information, advertising, so that their own information advertising can bring the greatest role or purpose.

QQ group we are not unfamiliar, it seems that every private QQ number has a few QQ group, QQ group has a great role, the general group discussion, group chat, etc.. Occasionally open QQ group, see is advertising information. What people hate most is advertising, especially the kind of ads that don’t work for themselves. The reaction of the general group is to kick the ad. This is a counter example. The promotion staff did not take advantage of the QQ group’s biggest advantage, did not do a good job in the early stages of the promotion began, will get the opposite effect.

QQ group is usually the first step is to promote the analysis. You must be clear about what you are promoting, what is the purpose of promotion. It’s very important. For example, you want to promote a brand cosmetics. Then you have to think about it. My purpose is to promote sales. What kind of group can accept women, what kind of woman, young woman, what group of young women? 80, 90 women, urban single women, college students. What is the scope of the promotion?. Then you can search inside the QQ group * * * * * women group, the search keywords is very important. The results came out. Then you can also expand the search based on these keywords.

of course, the next step is to add. But add QQ group is also learned. Don’t click on the search results page to apply to join, this silly, because Tencent will be added in 20 after you don’t give you continue to operate, so you have to re open the search dialog box, one of the search results page can not be pasted up QQ group number limit. Secondly, the reasons must be consistent with the group, it is best not blank. QQ group is best to add a high level, heat, high activity. If you add a sleepy, diving, what do you have to promote sales to


do not rush to join the group after the advertising, so people will be very disgusted, it was just a matter of a moment, you were kicked out. So it is necessary to follow the group code, of course, this is not to say that the ads can not be issued, but in the right time. The establishment of a good relationship is a preliminary basis, but also a key step. I don’t think this should be paid. You all know.


is the last and most critical step, the "advertising"

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