The F framework of FSGP enterprise marketing and entertainment framework of Fight


in recent months has been studying how micro-blog marketing enterprises, the author once in the A5 Adsense nets published an article "to create a massive customer e-business strategy", this article has also received a lot of attention, webmaster reprint, sharing the end mentioned in the article: the beginning of enterprise electronic commerce is the micro-blog marketing strategy, Sina entertainment enterprises, thus creating a lot of fans attention, finally create traffic! So how to put enterprise micro-blog entertainment marketing? The author through study and practice recently summed up a set of micro-blog FSGP business entertainment marketing framework, the so-called FSGP enterprise micro-blog entertainment marketing framework includes four core elements: 1, F, Fight, S, Secret, the 2 quarrel; inside, 3, G; Game, P, Public, 4; intellectuals, male Know.


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FSGP company of micro-blog entertainment marketing framework F, namely Fight – quarrel, "focus on fighting" is the innate quality or nature, when influence people by a certain social system and certain historical conditions, "struggle" has gradually become a person. Speak too much emphasis on the so-called traditional brand reputation, but do not know this is the flow of taboo, so to own cause a lot of trauma. Apple company and the traditional brand reputation to a climax. We carefully studied on Apple, easy to find, Apple founder Steve · Jobs every time is starting to do from the products against competitors! Qihoo head Zhou Hongyi network can be said to be the master, you still remember the 360 Tencent for ever? We also remember 2012 3SB war? We have 360 figure have found that several events, I know a lot of people can not accept this 360, but when you at 360, you are actually under the impact of 360, then the 360 public relations staff and through other media to tell you the truth, you will become 360 fans sooner or later.


marketing there is a saying, the best customers tend to be those who have views on your business customers, because these customers care about you. Micro-blog marketing is just doing it in turn, that is: marketing, from the event of the event of concern caused by the beginning of the conflict, the end of the acquaintance of loyalty". In FSGP enterprise micro-blog entertainment marketing framework F framework – Fight: the quarrel is a very effective method of attention marketing can be caused by domestic similar marketing case like slobber war recent Sany group and ZOOMLION group, is a kind of fight marketing, has also been a lot of experts as "a marketing"! In the framework of F – Fight: the fight will give micro-blog enterprise marketing to bring high fan off >