Fashion women’s website Nasty Gal re 40 million financing


Coco Chanel (coco · Chanel) has said that in order to make their own can not be replaced, one must always be different. Perhaps it is based on this idea, the fashion industry has today’s Chanel brand. Similar to the concept of women’s electricity supplier website Nasty Gal inheritance, but also to the rapid development of the site.

site name comes from Betty Davis’s album with the same title song "Nasty Gal". Betty Davis in the wild and sexy feminist style, is regarded as a "bad woman". Electricity supplier website Nasty Gal also want to express their position, that is, badass and unapologetically sexy".

may be precisely positioning, distinctive features, which makes the site’s sales in 2011 reached $28 million, according to the Forbes report estimated that they could reach $128 million in sales this year. In other words, the current Nasty Gal growth rate of up to 10000%.

last year, the company received nearly $8 million in earnings, while the growth rate is so amazing, such sites will naturally be sought after by capital. Following 5 months ago to $80 million valuation of $A round of investment, Nasty Gal recently received $40 million B round of financing.

more money will help expand the scale of Nasty Gal, and then global expansion. Not that they do not do this too much bother, because the site already has from more than and 60 countries worldwide 350 thousand users, and 35% of the revenue from outside the United States or regions. Multi currency price of commodity price, the payment of RMB (see photo).

some people chase fashion, some people sell fashion, of course, there will be capital investment fashion. In addition to Nasty Gal, there are many fashion websites to obtain financing, such as the latitude and longitude of the venture capital participation cast fashion electricity supplier website JustFab won $76 million; Russia shopping club KupiVIP get $38 million; Fashion aggregator Lyst $5 million; India Freecultr won the Senate voted $9 million in sequoia.

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in this field in China has made its own brand style, like "my one percent", "starry", "Pink Doll" etc.. However, they rely more on Taobao’s platform to start, and there are many, such as Korean homes have to get the brand of investment. However, all successful people have an almost common characteristic: different, which seems to confirm the Coco Chanel just said that sentence.

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