Jingdong revealed that the Milky way plan to promote standardization of commodity coding

news March 30th, in the days before the Committee held Chinese ECR business seminar for the first time, Jingdong group vice president Masson said, Jingdong and ECR carried out comprehensive cooperation of goods encoding, the move will help promote the "Milky Way", and promote the standard of commercial encoding and standardized work.

billion state power network to understand, the Jingdong opened the "Milky Way" in the last year, refers to the high efficiency through technical means of product traceability, information audit. "Tianhe plan" includes "Zhengyang gate", "Beijing Shield" and "unified coding project" and a series of projects.


the "Beijing Shield Project" the use of big data and artificial intelligence to regulate commodity encoding based on the description of goods, product reviews, user feedback and real-time monitoring of customer service commodity commodity Jingdong linkage system of public opinion, active real time goods found problems and automatically trigger the internal processing, joint multi sectoral fast processing time feedback, make the fake and shoddy goods have no place to hide.

"Zhengyang" page audit system, embedded sensitive word filtering and OCR image recognition technology, can realize the value of the automatic audit function, the problem and the problem of goods suspected to the audit division will automatically push the recognition results, by artificial processing, to ensure that the Jingdong product page information accurate.

Masson said that the retail industry needs to have a standardized coding system, so that goods from production to sales to consumers in the end. Unified coding can effectively reduce costs, improve efficiency, improve the enterprise supply chain, whether it is to improve the efficiency of enterprises and social efficiency are greatly improved."

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