The breakdown of those being pushed out business enterprise founder

[Abstract] business circle is no exception change constantly like cloud and wave, the electricity supplier, the enterprise founder It is often seen.. The game with the capital side or they were forced to leave, or in the business combination to be squeezed out, or in the enterprise Troubles start inside the house. infighting had to leave. Billion state power network according to public information, to sort out the typical case of Founder turnover in recent years.

founder: where

Zhuang Chen Chao

at any time: 11 years

departure time: January 2016

Zhuang Chenchao, graduated from the Department of electronic engineering, Peking University. May 2005, he and Dai Furui, Douglas co founded in Beijing where to go to the network, where the president took office, leading the company’s overall operations. June 2011, Zhuang Chenchao served as chief executive officer, fully responsible for where the network’s strategic planning and operations management.


Zhuang Chenchao

October 2015 Ctrip and where to announce the merger, Baidu has Ctrip ordinary shares can represent about 25% of Ctrip’s total voting rights, Ctrip will have about 45% of the total voting right. Where the board of directors of the 9 executives to occupy the top of the board of the 4 seats, where there is no one to enter the Executive Board of executives.

informed sources pointed out that Liang Jianzhang and Zhuang Chenchao are leaders in the tourism industry, where the beam into the board of directors, the village is unlikely to beam work. Looking at the above, the resignation of the village seems to have been expected in the early.

public comment founder: Zhang Tao

in service: 12 years

departure time: November 2015

Zhang Tao, School of business, MBA, a former U.S. IT consulting firm. After studying abroad in 2003, founded the public comment network, the world’s first food and beverage consumer reviews. Under the leadership of Zhang Tao, the public comment on the monthly total of more than 15 billion views, of which more than 85% mobile client views.


Zhang Tao

October 2015, the public comment network and the United States Mission network jointly issued a statement, announced a strategic cooperation and the establishment of a new company. According to relevant sources, the United States public comment on the merger and subsequent financing additional conditions, that is, the public comment founder Zhang Tao and other management will be within six months after the merger of the new company.

rumors that Zhang Tao quit, will study in the United states.

1 shop founder: Yu Gang, Liu Junling

at any time: 7 years

departure time: July 2015

in Yichang, Hubei, graduated from the Department of space physics, Wuhan University. Liu Junling, graduated from Flinders University in Australia, a country.

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