Amoy Blue Ocean a simple step science to improve the rate of click through the car baby

wants to store a better turnover, the conversion rate is certainly need to do, but to the conversion rate must be the first to have traffic to flow, without any talk about transformation, so for the shop, traffic is very important, baby hits is the need to focus on optimization. In the promotion process, the baby’s click rate is the first thing to do, but also the most important promotion. Today, Amoy blue ocean and everyone to share, how to improve the click through rate baby.

1, shop background introduction

shop level: B shop

main category: Women’s boutique

/ MS.

shop is the main business of occupation suit, for the crowd is more accurate, baby price is not too high, the price is in the end, the audience mainly concentrated in the age of 18-29 years old female group, the whole dynamic store or can.

2, market analysis

can be seen from the Taobao index, in May the entire market search volume is in decline, and the decline is still relatively strong. It is summer, the focus of the promotion in the occupation suit is the baby a short sleeved shirt and short suit dress and occupation.


3, promote creative pictures

for the click rate, the promotion of creative images is the primary, but also crucial. The picture directly to the buyer is the impact of visual effects, so in order to click rate is good, the most important thing is to choose a good creative pictures, then how to choose a good creative picture?

first of all, we need time in the promotion of the baby, baby needs to analyze the properties and selling point, combined with the market price to add the corresponding copy of baby pictures, highlight the characteristics of the baby, the copy is not too much, must be appropriate, add in the right position, at the same time to meet the baby itself.


Amoy blue ocean that early can use the same idea, using different baby promotion picture for testing, testing around about a week, look at the baby in different promotion pictures under the click rate, if there is a baby promotion picture click rate is relatively high, the selection of good effect to as the promotion of baby pictures.

4, the promotion of creative Title

promote the creative Title generally need to add up to two, one of which is added according to baby selling point for property title to the baby, the other one is to add information to the promotion of the baby baby price advantage.

in the title after the completion of the promotion of the picture to ensure consistent circumstances, you can look at the feedback according to the effect of time, and then according to the feedback effect, to the click rate is not high that the creative adjustment.

5, a single note for baby

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