ZARA UNQLO Smith Barney who is the last straw that breaks the Baleno

90 Metersbonwe and UNIQLO, Baleno and Giordano in 80. Once let many people feel that the double face of Baleno, is facing the fate of bondage.


recently announced that the Hongkong Yongjia Group subsidiary – Shanghai Baleno Kingdom Limited intends to sell 250 million yuan. Texwinca said, companies are restructuring, the sale of Baleno can optimize resources, and then set side is Baleno’s potential distributors – Delta Shanghai Industrial Co. ltd..

According to

texwinca in 2015 second, the three quarter earnings, the group’s two big business – textile business and retail business, the former has experienced three consecutive fiscal year after falling in the first half of fiscal year 2016, a 15.5% year-on-year increase, sales increase of 22.2%, gross margin improved from 21.9% to 22.5%; the latter is only 0.5% increase recorded an operating loss of 53 million yuan. Baleno’s performance in continuous negative growth, the contribution to the group’s decline in retail business. On the other hand, as UNIQLO textile business generation business, the order continues to increase, the group’s revenue contribution rising.

shift, texwinca obviously tend to bring stability to the company profits of the textile business, Baleno to get rid of this burden is reasonable.

brilliant is not the enemy struck

in "Crazy Stone", Huang Bo saying "this is my brand, Baleno!" let the brand spread. Baleno, founded in 1981, was originally a Italy brand, founded shortly after the operation began in Hongkong. In 1996, Hongkong Yongjia Group acquired the trademark "Baleno", and the creation of a "Guang Zhou Friendship Baleno Company Limited", re branding, make it a big success. There are more than and 10 brands of Baleno clothing companies, including Baleno, life geometry (S& K), pure water transfer, interaction region, rainbow, clothing color etc.. In 2000, Baleno began to enter the golden period of development, then stores around the rapid expansion of sales rising to become a big brand known to every family.

But with the

market forecast amidst the winds of change as before, Baleno. More than 3 thousand stores in the peak period, Hongkong is now only 43, leaving Shanghai 54, Beijing is 56, many stores from the position of the core values of the shopping centers, department stores relegated to the street shop and outside.

The first wave of impact from

to Metersbonwe as the representative of the mainland fashion brand. With the Jiangsu and Zhejiang private clothing enterprises began to rise, like Metersbonwe, Semir and other leisure apparel brand with retail management system, perfect and flexible direct combination of franchise mode, occupy a space for one person in the market.

is not the first wave of shock wave second recovered, and came to the opponent in a threatening manner, UNIQLO, H& M, Z>

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