Sun Zhenyao inverse growth entrepreneurship is to do a no problem to find the title of the people

Sun Zhenyao

    Sun Zhenyao, who won’t sleep because of work, clearly remembers that he had a sleepless night in September 24, 2012. A few hours later, his start-up company will soon launch educational technology, and he has not yet decided what the company is going to do.

Beijing Hotel VIP Building toast each other but Sun Zhenyao was not happy, can be said to a bad state. A perfect performance from ready – the Sun Zhenyao in years and strictly practice gold seems to be failure, he found himself unable to see ahead. 56 is not a suitable age for failure, and he can not turn back.


in the past thirty years, Sun Zhenyao won the mission will be a good reputation. Such a strict discipline from his two-year career in the artillery. In 1977, just graduated from University, he was pulled Kinmen military service. There, for the first time, he was able to see the Milky way in a completely dark night for a curfew and for the first time.

in the context of war, any tiny mistake could hurt life. "Under the bed are grenades, rifles and gas masks, ready to be ready at any time. There are soldiers and deputy commander bickering, night shot and killed a man." Sun Zhenyao told global entrepreneur. Two years later, he was glad he finally retired, can live back home in Kaohsiung.

in the same year, the United States formally severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan. At that time, Sun Zhenyao didn’t spend much time students has joined the Bangong half read HP, ultimate way to achieve HP global vice president. "You can’t miss any opportunity to be promoted, and I’ll be lucky if I miss someone else, and I don’t miss a chance."." Sun attributed its success to luck, catch up with the first wave of global IT development, and China in this important market, everything seems logical.

in the center of the storm Sun Zhenyao in HP as a total of 10 jobs for the 18 bosses, experienced 7 major organizational change, every time he can be an ruotai. Sun seems to have a supernatural power, he can always determine the wind direction and protect themselves. I have been in China for some time in HP, the boss to do something, I am very clear that the new boss took the company also know what to do."

boss is most heavily on his execution – early assignment, he always complete at the end of the year. As a professional manager, he is best at all uncertainty into a certainty. More than and 20 years of training as sun month after month and year after year, watch a precise time.

his philosophy of management is to believe that subordinates are convinced that as long as the enterprise to create the appropriate environment, employees must go all out. In 2000, he took office in HP China president of the first thing is to set up the HP business school. He hoped that his team in the course of teaching and teaching can be summed up, and ultimately enhance the management ability.


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