China domain name and Cn which is more suitable for the development of Chinese e commerce

has recently been fired the Chinese results will raise a Babel of criticism of the domain name, officially opened in July. The number of customer access to Chinese domain names will not be less than the current CN domain name. This is what the Chinese decide for themselves.

China population, import and export trade, although many domestic brands, but also beyond count, in the next few years Chinese brand will be a certain amount of market share, and China domain will have been paid more and more attention. Chinese people are accustomed to using Chinese input method in the English state of the input method, the Chinese domain name will occupy the market in the next few years. It is very likely that Chinese domain names will be widely used in china. Chinese domain name is convenient and effective, saving the search engine to find their own brand. And save the cost of advertising companies. Famous brands in the IE browser direct input will be directly to the site address. So the company brand is very important.

domain name domain name Chinese China universal compared with CN domain and CN domain name, although the price a lot cheaper but registered very troublesome, for personal website is not very easy, but personal website can be registered in the Chinese domain, with the future of the Internet domain name system of continuous improvement, Chinese may have on the individual registration restrictions, but Chinese domain name and com net suffix. Relative to the English domain name cn is relatively simple and does not need to provide a series of enterprise documents.

Chinese domain will provide convenience for most beginners, in the next few years e-commerce network will be overwhelming, affect all aspects of people, and those who have blind network must adapt to the development of the times, and Chinese domain just as they provide convenient Internet search. Although they do not know the address of some brands, but enter the name of the brand. Especially some of the more practical Chinese domain name, such as: the franchisee. Chinese Netcom. Ltd. Liaoning information network.Com Ji’nan information network. China Ji’nan information network.Com Cassidy.Com this domain name is widely used, especially to marry a wife. China is most convenient for the wedding business query

CN domain name will in the future become the treasure domain type rules of the Internet more and more mature, CN international domain name registration will be more complicated, the registered domain name minon to protect their own domain name, as a souvenir. After the estimated individuals can not register CN domain name.

in short, the domain name of the new era has come, we must grasp the domain name to e-commerce business opportunities. Make a small contribution to our country’s own domain name.

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