Jumei com listing and financing of 430 million market capitalization has reached 3 billion 500 mill

May 16th, jumei.com listed on the NYSE, the issue price of $22, total financing of approximately $430 million. On the first day closing price of 24.18 dollars, jumei.com has a market value of $3 billion 433 million.

following the cheetah moves, the way cattle Network has been listed, Wall Street ushered in May third shares of the company. In May 16th, jumei.com listed on the NYSE, the issue price of $22. It is worth mentioning that the price is higher than the issue price range of the upper limit of $0.5 (issue price range of $19.5 -21.5 dollars). Thus, jumei.com has become in 2011 April, the first issue price is higher than the issue price range, ultra raise shares of the company. Recently listed cheetah mobile networks and the way cattle, have lowered the issue price range.

raised the issue price to a large extent indicates the degree of market sought after. Jumei.com listed on the first day of the opening price of $27.18, up 23.5% over the issue price, eventually closing at $24.18, or 9.91%.

jumei.com was founded in 2010 March, is currently the largest Chinese cosmetics electricity provider, with 22.1% market share. From the establishment of the company to market only four years.

Before the United States

CEO Chen ou MBA degree in Stanford University, Chen Ou at the University during the successful establishment of Garena the world’s leading online gaming platform (more than 24 million users with global GG platform,.2010) years, Chen Europe began a two venture, a predecessor of jumei.com group beauty network, become the first Chinese cosmetics group purchase station. A month later, the first to launch 30 days unconditional return, full protection, the real estate of the three major policies, set the industry benchmark.

September 2010, the opening of a new brand of jumei.com, and also released a new domain name JUMEI. A year later, total sales exceeded 150 million yuan. In 2013, jumei.com annual sales exceeded 6 billion yuan, in the electricity supplier in the field of cosmetics occupied the initiative, and laid the foundation for the United states.

at the beginning of 2014, in the jumei.com line shop advertising a year after its first landing in Beijing Qianmen line shop. The newly opened stores in the layout of close to the female, female consumers, line shop more down to earth, but also more in line with the "shopping" fun shop by the first floor of the two floor area and perfume skin care cosmetics area, to provide free drinks and cookies Rest Area shop, the waiter were male.

IPO scale record nearly 3 years

in the context of price increases, as part of the over allotment is included, jumei.com total financing of approximately $430 million. The figure also hit in 2011 since the stock financing record IPO. On the first day closing price of 24.18 dollars, jumei.com market capitalization of $3 billion 433 million, the electricity supplier counterparts, is second only to vip.com ranked second, third.

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