WeChat mall prospects below what are the models

in the micro Mall (on) about the prospect of the third party micro mall platform such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like bar push, WeChat electricity providers represent the future mobile providers based on the trend, has led to subvert the traditional electricity supplier Ali trend, businesses placed great expectations, coupled with the third party service platform, hype touted flicker a large number of businesses do not preempt whatever rush on like a swarm of hornets, a hole again, in the mobile Internet era, this idea is right, but not blindly sought to combine their own clear understanding of the situation and then start, for small businesses, how to avoid the risk is the primary consideration, then, to optimize the existing mode of micro mall the author, in order to minimize the risk of business operations.

, give up the self closed loop payment, although payment fast, but to consider the micro mall is actually running in the third party platform server, any transaction generated in this is completely transparent to the third party platform, does not rule out someone will profit, use the user data in this regard, business is very difficult to protect the user’s information security and financial security. The future will also combat the Tencent irregularities.

two, to solve the credit system, an independent store in order to establish a good credit system how difficult as can be imagined, the best way is to be introduced into the flow of Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon and other sophisticated online shopping platform (as for how to import traffic technical field, this article will not discuss, of course, the premise of this play) is to first settled in other electronic business platform, if you have never played the electricity supplier, the first settled in the Amazon, the world’s largest electricity supplier B2C, absolute beer, more important is the current enterprises is completely free, if Tmall, the Jingdong will need a lot of settled charges.

three, avoid duplication of work, if you are a business, so micro mall will bring you a lot of repeated work, including the product shelves shelves, information maintenance, inventory management, logistics management, financial management, technology and so on the enterprise docking, manpower and time cost caused great waste, efficiency low, if the product display page after the user clicks on the jump to businesses have been stationed in the business platform, can reduce 90% of the workload, but also improve the sales platform, in order to obtain a higher ranking.

or above, the choice of Jun.

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