Taobao mall communication will be full Ma said with tolerance word communication

Ma Alibaba media conference


technology news October 17th evening news, Alibaba (micro-blog) today media communication will be held in Hangzhou, Taobao Mall (micro-blog) the new rules lead to small seller’s dissatisfaction with the communication in the United States, the Alibaba board chairman and CEO MA (micro-blog) also made a special trip to Hangzhou, with the lyrics describe for it what feeling: my love hurt me deeply.

just got off the plane Ma looked tired in the communication speed is also faster than usual, he attended the communication will be in the hands of the scene before writing a few "tolerance", is because there are friends worried that he might lose your temper. By Ma’s words, this year is the year of fate such communication Alibaba, this year for the 3 time: Taobao, Alipay and the new mall fake transfer.

"this road is our own choice, we do not ask for sympathy, but I hope you will be able to do this thing. I said a few years ago, I was never a hero of the Internet, I was a man out of Hangzhou." Ma Yun said that at present there are 8 million people on Taobao shop, and there are a lot of people as a living.

Ma Yun, 3 years Chinese economy will face challenges, the biggest challenge is the private enterprise, and if Taobao or the previous structure, after 3 years is not to carry, so consider this problem from the Alibaba began last year, and then later split, independent, new rules.

Ma this year, a lot of feelings, and the attack caused by the new rules of Taobao, so he was very sad, hurt you must love you is your favorite people". Ma stressed that Taobao mall will not maintain integrity, to combat the principle of fake, the pressure to step back, but the lack of work, communication methods for a comprehensive reflection.

Ma Yun also announced for the 5 regulation rules of this: 1 in the Taobao mall business, if the business shop customer satisfaction rankings in 10% after the implementation of new regulations to postpone until September 30th next year in January 1st the implementation of new businesses. 2 all businesses in 2012 margin can be halved. 3 with 500 million yuan to provide security support. 4 increase investment promotion and technology platform of 300 million. 5 substandard business into Taobao business.

"we are all willing to listen to the views of all small sellers, but we will not compromise to hit someone else’s shop. If we do not accept the challenge, the next 3-5 years, all e-commerce will be a problem." Ma stressed. (Cui Xi)

below is the main points of the speech at the meeting Ma:

thank you, there is little difference, just came back from the United States, sorry everyone, every time you call bundled do communication, future opportunities will be less and less, this year promised activities do, will not participate in the meeting.

before the media friends say, "your hands"

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