Electricity supplier predators having fresh cold chain logistics or bottleneck

Zhu Cheng, Liu Tao, pan apple…… These ordinary fruits because of celebrity endorsements suddenly become tall up; but the industry believes that cold chain logistics may be a bottleneck.

"elder brother is not a cup of coffee, is lonely", "sister goods is not red wine, is feeling". Now, this marketing packaging meet the eye everywhere even the ordinary fruit, because of the celebrity endorsement, suddenly grew up tall: Chu orange, peach and willow pan apple is one of the best.


in recent years, with the frequent occurrence of food safety incidents, fresh electricity supplier has been seen as the Internet era has a huge space for development. Data show that in 2013 China’s fresh electricity supplier transactions reached 13 billion yuan, an increase of 221%, is expected in the next 3 years, the volume of fresh electricity supplier has a space of growth of up to 7 times.

acid sweet mouth Sichuan Pujiang kiwi fruit, crisp and refreshing Xinjiang Korla pear, Chile cherries plump…… Behind each of the fresh products, it seems that there is a beautiful story, lured consumers to click on the button.

creative: "willow peach" marketing a new model

this year’s national day just ended, Chinese IT Godfather Liu Chuanzhi guest logical thinking, through 60 seconds of voice to the people of all walks of life under the brand marketing program. This is the only known as the Liu Chuanzhi endorsement of the agricultural products, and Zhu Shijian had planted at the end of last year, the cloud crown candy orange packaged as "Chu Liu orange peach" package of foreign sales.

in the recording, Liu Chuanzhi also singled out to the pocket through the white crow, carved sirloin God carved sign, comic uncle, Wang Ke and fellow pocket shopping meituan Wang Xing answer. Several marketing tiger soon took out their scheme

to create AFU oil carved Lord said that if their prices, the most important thing is the "willow peach" additional aliases: "Chi tao". He believes that entrepreneurship is "passing the torch", "Chi Tao" emotional positioning, the text of the source; the white crow is to focus on the social, he can put forward the taste of willow peach "into a game of pass through community relations: according to the transfer process in real time display a list. The best people will transfer and popularity.

in widely scattered to battle, received a total of more than 3000 copies of the proposal, the Liu Chuanzhi were startled. The industry generally believe that the solicitation of marketing programs, in itself, is a successful marketing, but also a collision of Internet marketing thinking.

Baidu index shows that even at the end of last year to catch the ship after Chu orange, "willow peach" search index is only 361, and the promotion of the "logical thinking", this figure soared to 1743.

nowadays, fresh electricity providers told the stories are glib: music as its main music life under the banner of "crabs, crab from the lakes" name, with the Six Great Lakes crabs and >

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