How to do WeChat marketing Everyone through the development of micro channel drainage drainage

how to do a good job in WeChat marketing, is a headache for users. Especially during the period of 2015 micro business reshuffle and integration, how to do WeChat marketing? Some similar palm WeChat promotion platform card all this also rose up and inject fresh vigor to the development of micro business. Then palm card biography ( is how to do a good job of WeChat marketing and favored by the enterprise?

it must be remembered that in late 2014, a circle of friends to pay rent Posts unexpected burst of red, said a lot of micro business venture frustration and embarrassment. How to do the WeChat marketing? The most important point is that WeChat marketing drainage, who has a precise flow, who is half success, can only be used to describe the flow of waste drainage is simple and rough brush WeChat marketing circle of friends, and less accurate, but also to offend a friend. And this post is like a butterfly effect, in the manufacture of pressure, but also to allow micro providers to open the road to self-help. How to do a good job in WeChat marketing, first of all, of course, to solve the problem of drainage, and palm card everyone to pass such a platform on a timely basis to solve the problem of how to do a good job WeChat marketing. Everyone is not only the transfer of WeChat marketing artifact personal micro business, WeChat is also the enterprise public marketing trick.

biography is how to do a good job of WeChat marketing we first talk about the marketing of personal micro signal to the public. The register can be provided by the platform of WeChat marketing tools need to be implanted in the nature to share content in advertising, and advertising nature into promotional articles to share WeChat’s circle of friends, sharing at the same time, the invisible of advertising and marketing, so a ten, ten hundred of viral marketing and WeChat. Not only is restricted in the WeChat personal circle of friends, those who see the people have become potential customers, this is everybody from mystery how well WeChat marketing lies.

so the enterprise is how to do a good job of WeChat marketing, it is the same principle with the individual WeChat marketing is the same, the difference is that all employees of the enterprise can become the article ‘s share. By the enterprise managers issued a task to the employee according to the mobile phone, the staff all pass the production of advertising platform, share chapter, through the efforts of all staff, enterprise micro signal in all pass under the help of the geometrically growth rate of visitors to the show in front of the. All pass brings is not only the drainage quantity, also do the precise. Active and passive attention platform browsing effects is not the same, all pass through the selection of the enterprise products targeted advertising, greatly improving the viewer’s attention, the attention is transformed into loyal customers, this is all "biography" the essence of how to do a WeChat marketing.

now, how to do WeChat marketing is not what problem, everyone has become a palm card from thousands of enterprise customers loyal marketing partners, bringing huge profits to individuals and enterprises derivative. Of course, everyone is not satisfied with this, the development of advertising marketing can not be separated from innovation, everyone has just taken the first step, the future of micro marketing is still a long way, >

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