Building the three capabilities of successful websites

Building a successful website requires only three simple capabilities, or elements. In fact, these three we all know:


the traditional concept, this is what you want to see what is presented to the reader. According to the new management, the content is what readers want to see from your website. Content can be text, pictures, sounds, images…… And so on, as long as it can be transmitted through digital, the content of the site may be. Now this article is the content.

What is the design of

is designed by the user to accept the content of sensory representation. From the text selection, layout planning, line arrangement, site structure, the use of color to the multimedia form, this is the design. Even if only plain text (such as E- mail Newsletter), also need to design. Remember: without content, there is no design. Although Michael Lu Han said that "the media is the message itself, but the design itself is not content.

What is

"appropriate" technology is the ability to use modern technology. Since the network is a technology media, of course, all of the content must also be presented through technology. Technology from the simplest HTML to complex interactive databases is.

three only to make integrated ability

: let the three teams are also very simple operation.


reason: all sites are the three ability of operation, without any position can make the content and design, design and technology, technology and content, and even the three abilities together. In addition to the web site can not play the special effects of the media, but also a waste of valuable human resources and investor money!

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