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was originally intended to reduce the cost of sales through e-commerce, but consumers worry about online transactions of precious commodities, eventually leading to the product was left out in the cold. Kelan diamond helpless, announced last week in Chongqing, will be in Monument for Liberation "(experience) shop floor". In this way, the diamond can be displayed directly to the customer, the retail price can still be cheaper than the mall 50%.

Taobao shop ineffective

"Kelan diamond in 2009, Taobao opened a shop, but a few thousand dollars or even million yuan of bare diamond and diamond ring does not sell well."

Kelan diamond vice president Wang Yong told reporters that this is because the diamond as valuables, consumers are more accustomed to seeing is believing, the degree of trust in online transactions, is far lower than that of FMCG products daily. In addition, the logistics process of security issues, consumers are full of concerns.

diamond and diamond ring "online trading cost is relatively high." Wang Yong said, the general online transactions with Alipay Alipay to extract payment, a fee of 1%. If the ring is priced at 20 thousand yuan, the shop will pay 200 yuan fee. And if you open the store with a bank POS machine credit card payment, only 5/1000 of the fees charged, which is $100, you can reduce the cost of half.

in addition, delivery by courier, diamond as valuables must be insured, the insured rate is generally 5/1000 to 10/1000, 20 thousand yuan of diamonds to pay 100~200 yuan insurance fee. But some courier companies also set the highest price limit, the maximum payment of only 10 thousand yuan. If the number of million diamond products, transportation problems will inevitably be wrangling.

"so we now adjust the strategy, Taobao shop sells 1000 yuan pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and diamonds and diamond ring around the open floor in store sales." Wang Yong said that the company has rented 360 square meters of office space in New York, Monument for Liberation, New York building, opened a new store experience this month. In this way, consumers use value of a product in the Taobao store, you can see goods, try to purchase, can also enjoy customer service service.

lower than the market price of half

why do you want to open the floor in the store and not into the mall or find the street facade shop? In or out of consideration of the cost of sales.

shop or shop in the store, diamond prices are cheaper than the big shopping malls more than 50%. For example, in the company of Taobao store a 18 Carat White Diamond lovers ring shop, priced at 3799 yuan, while in Chongqing a mall brand jewelry counter price of nearly 8000 yuan, the price difference between the two is more than 50%.

in this regard, Wang Yong explained, to enter the market sales of diamonds, the mall to a high "discount", the general commodity prices is 32%, as the mall > tube

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