How to analyze the target customer groups targeted

saying that the enemy can ever victorious.

war so, do marketing so, bubble sister also so. No matter what kind of attack, you need to continue to analyze the attack target, narrow the scope of the attack, pinpoint the critical point, and then use the most suitable ammunition, bang.

any analysis does not study, with a silly effort to move forward, are naive, the final result is a waste of resources. Because I really love you, so I came to your dormitory hem 999 candles to prove to you that this bold behavior was splashed with water to wash their feet a face is normal, no customer analysis, dare to put trick. This does not, the other big move "if you can do so" Murong Fu, you do not know, so here you go.

do anything before, you need to do a detailed analysis of the object, the snake hit seven inches, know not

so how to analyze the customer?

to fishing for example, suppose we are a gesture of anglers, we just love a fish, not to fish. How to catch fish, to think about: 1, what kind of fish fishing activities in the region; 2, fish; 3, fish 4 fish, the most loving personality; love what kind of bait fish; 5, screening.

here is not appropriate to describe the tangle with fish, fishing or Wenwang this jiangtaigong "big fish", ha ha.

first step: identify the customer base

what determines your customer base?. Well, if you develop a product called "fitness (muchun southpaws Hubian, without this product), you need to" fitness groups are your customers? If you think so, but do not understand what is called "quasi".

product features and customer group characteristics of the closest is accurate, in accordance with the above examples, the characteristics of the product is then directed to southpaws, group fitness needs are southpaws specially customized for this group.

must find the product directly targeted groups, they are prospective customers.

second step: the scope of the activities of the customer base

different groups have different characteristics, even the same group, but also because of gender and age differences have different characteristics. So here, can be divided into large groups and individual characteristics.

for example: love is a feature of a military group, this group may be mostly gathered in the professional forum Tiexue; but because of the different age and gender experience, may result in part to Sina, went to a part of the NetEase.

so we really want to identify the scope of the activities of the customer, you need to do a detailed analysis, you can start from the following aspects: gender, age, social class, spending power, hobbies, etc..

to find the range of activities of the customer base in order to save the cost of publicity, to achieve things

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