Kara shop treasure convenience store to the education community aunt

July 14th message, it is understood that from the beginning of July 5th, Kara shop treasure will jointly I bought the food network on every Saturday, timed launch ultra cheap goods panic buying in more than 200, at present the city 2 community shops.

it is understood that the shop treasure terminal, community residents need community convenience store brush bank card payment, you can online shopping shop treasure on the ultra cheap goods, including small appliances, foodstuff, Home Furnishing supplies, products and logistics by the partner I bought the food network to provide. Kara told billion state power network, in order not to compete with the convenience store, shop treasure platform will try to commodity and convenience stores have commodity area separated.


noted billion state power network, some have used cash to elderly customers shopping card Kara this need is not acceptable. Kara responsible person, for this part of the customer, convenience stores can accept the payment of cash, then shop treasure to help the generation of brush credit card to solve the above problems.

in order to encourage the community to introduce a convenience store shop treasure, lakala also adopted a "type drops taxi subsidies", in which each consumer will use a single, Kara shop treasure the cash back 10 yuan.

billion state power network also learned that in addition to the United States, I bought the food network, a store and other online business will also participate.

shortly before, Kara and I bought the food network reached a strategic cooperation, strategic development and complementary resources. I bought some of the goods in the shop online community treasure mall shelves, equipped with Kara layout of existing communities together to force the community electricity supplier, to carry out community service as the core O2O.

Kara treasure shop is for the small and micro businesses to promote a multimedia terminal, in addition to the original lakala recharge, transfer and other functions, joined the online shopping function, support online store to buy consumer electric products, mainly is the development of the electricity supplier platform Kara O2O service to the community as the core.

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