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if we are now seeing more and more people to the net to fight the world, many of which can be said that the network is not suitable for making money, certainly is the survival of this society structure has some problems. It’s in the last century the 60s and 70s student has to go to the army, a general college entrance examination before 90s, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, and that nature is not a normal social phenomenon. Of course, at that time our country historical stage is a stage of the turmoil of the cultural revolution, the other one is the cultural revolution era bring order out of chaos. This is excusable. As for the lead with the popularity of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon whether we would have some practitioners and university education fertilisation28, Shu Hong didn’t think it was a worthwhile topic.

social democratic atmosphere degree is the citizen value pluralism in the increasingly popular, golden mean, even the entertainment trend inside achievement certain groups of personal dreams. Now the network field part of Shanghai dragon Er on this industry is full of good ideas, but an article in the higher education of Chinese presented on this major idea see before Hong, the conception of the article is to choose students of Shanghai dragon from the perspective of employment market. Assume that this direction become a trend, then, claims to have started whether higher education employment oriented will adapt to the market trend of

economist Professor Lang Xianping’s point of view: under the economic structure mode China in today’s society, is unable to effectively solve the employment problem of college students from the real meaning. Because we require in the giant industrial chemical plant inside the staff, from the cultural quality, junior high school graduation degree almost enough. Read just graduated from university is a waste. Our mainstream social employment system inside the 6+1 inside the 6, the marketing process is not up, the most perfect institutions are concentrated in the factory. After the higher education students is never willing to become the assembly line of a screw nail. So, compared with the cup is uncle Lei Feng was a part of people’s respect and attention, research in Western Europe society.

in the foreseeable future stage of social development, in general, relatively great opportunities will appear in the following three areas: 1. green environmental protection industry. 2. franchise industry. 3.IT industry. So, here is that Hong not deliberately create the superiority of the Internet on special employment. The Internet is not the only field of opportunities and challenges. In the other two, there should be other better, but we don’t have to open up, or we are not eligible to participate, for example: by way of civil servants, as in a certain area of administrative leaders, it is also a good choice.

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and don’t say the future, is now nowadays, Shu Hong that it is necessary to set up courses at the University of Shanghai dragon. In these one or two days, but Hong exposure to the text data inside the show: in 2010, Chinese net >

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