Taobao to enter the first line of retail sales in Hangzhou 150 stores


the first batch of 150 licensed stores in Hangzhou


the first batch of 150 licensed stores in Hangzhou

news January 14th, today announced to enter the offline retail, the first batch of Hangzhou under the 150 line stores will be authorized and opened for business in January 16th, Taobao plans to years in the national community, the laying of more than 3 million authorized stores.

It is reported that

, Hangzhou Taobao offline store purchasing by and third party companies in Hangzhou to buy it together to build, buy it for specific operation, and is responsible for training, shop and settlement system structures. To this end, Hangzhou buy the company will invest 100 million of the funds. said that in the future the city domestic cooperation does not exclude the possibility in the local search for partners to join.

authorized community store will achieve "Taobao community purchasing" signs, consumers only need to pay a small amount of agency fees, you can enjoy in purchasing store, group purchase, purchasing overseas purchasing, mobile phone recharge cards, credit card payments, pay utilities, air ticket booking, courier services, users directly settlement in cash and store purchasing. In addition, each purchasing shop will pay a certain amount of deposit to Taobao, once the damage to the interests of consumers behavior appears, consumers will be paid in advance.

informed sources, Taobao authorized stores for the crowd is mainly for the elderly or not online shopping, there is no specific goods within the authorized store. Taobao authorized shop operation mode is: "the user go offline store computer pick Taobao goods online, then the line store people to help him take goods, payment, he could take his last line store goods in a few days."

Taobao said that although online shopping has become a trend, but in many cities, more people are still accustomed to spending in the traditional offline channels. The line into the purchasing shop, aimed at the country’s one billion people under the line of consumer groups.

analysts believe that Taobao and other e-commerce sites to carry out the line of business, the intention is very clear, is to develop a two or three level market, to further expand the groups of buyers, two is through the platform of cooperation is the foundation and local, to dispel the concerns of online shopping, and eventually culture has become a new force in online shopping.

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