How to use the powerful pseudo original seduce the same powerful spider

character mantra inside the "content is king" is a natural need for every day we spend a lot of time to increase the content of the website, improve the quality of website content, but we do not have the marketing plan all day climbing to do "home" in the content of the above! Every day we also want to increase the chain promotion website and awesome. What is awesome? Read the You’ll see. what is awesome, we installed green marketing planning agencies although the establishment of a team blog, but we could not every day to spend a lot of time in the content, at the same time we could not be created every day so many original articles, of course. Not all the more he acquisition station content to meet users and visitors, so as to pseudo original our first target.

perhaps many of my friends say they will not write pseudo original, I suggest you first step "White Deer rookie from here to fly" one article, here the deer was asking for pseudo original, you have to spend some time to learn the previous article? When you look at the previous article after you left brain what? What if nothing left, then please look at it a few times, until the brain there are content so far! When you head inside the article, let alone the pseudo original, is the direct real original will be nothing difficult! In fact, pseudo original is a very tiring work, because when you in the pseudo original, you actually have a clear structure and the Silk Road of this article, this time, you will be imperceptibly to the content of this article is put into your mind, this wealth is You, when the pseudo out, but also learn to shoot two hawks with one arrow, Why not?,

at the end of the day, actually I am afraid not many people will not say no pseudo original, that is suck. Because, even when it comes to heaven, pseudo original is nothing more than a "used", "take" the others to do their own changes in what you want to modify, it is you "do"! From the title to the content, even if is the key we all can be amended. Finally, the magnificent. Ha ha ha ha! Oh, yeah, don’t forget to take a "loud and gentle but also losing the awesome" title. In addition, you can also go to Shanghai love some related articles, together with the "rubbing" to your pseudo original inside. When implementing the "pseudo discard the dross and select the essence of this impression is good, as long as you do very well, very awesome, attention to it > that group of people love Shanghai, I’m afraid of spiders Google

do network marketing people know the core content of Shanghai dragon is actually eight words – "content is king, the chain for the emperor". At the same time love Shanghai, Google and other major search engines they value is also included in the site of original articles. But we take green outfit marketing planning agencies stand for it, so a lot of contents above are not original, and when we don’t have time always original, so we had to make some false original articles to increase the major site of spider people installed on the green marketing planning agencies concerned.


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