Novice webmaster should pay attention to several problems in the station

two, the execution of the

learn to innovate.The

today illustrates some problems in some novice Webmaster Station early to touch the hope on the back of the novice and now the establishment of the novice some help and inspiration, hope you can advance from rookie webmaster ranks, just remember a word "do not abandon, do not give up" your trip will station >

site is a great need for innovative things on the network, similar to the website innumerable website is also very much, then for our new site we should think that if many websites in talent shows itself, so we should learn to innovate, only different your website and most websites, have their own characteristics and culture so your site will be very welcome by visitors.


I think most of the webmaster will experience the failure process in general should not be called failure, can only say that he is falling in the way of success, then we see the webmaster can muster the courage to move forward, if you fall to give up, then you are doomed to fail and if you can continue to go up, then the end point is in the front, success will hold in your hand.

five, learn to ask more practice

people are inert, but the industry in the most taboo is lazy, because we need to spend a lot of time to practice and thought the execution is very high, if the owners are on the head and think of what do not go to practice, will also end up with your laziness and failure, so the implementation of the force for the webmaster is one of the key should not be abandoned.

four, fall, climb up

just started the establishment of the novice will encounter many problems, will also develop some bad habits in the station, today take me the example to summarize, some bad habits are easily formed in the site during the novice webmaster, hope to help and inspire some new adsense.

knowledge is very much, including all aspects need to know, so we have to learn novice with endless attitude to learn, do not know where you can ask some of the old owners, not have their own knowledge and methods of the study to be seen here, I recommend you go to the A5 station net, novice recommendations to the webmaster network forum to ask questions, there are a lot of old webmaster and some experienced webmaster webmaster will give you the answer.

, a website positioning to clear


, a web site is the soul of a central idea and a major site location, we want to consider our station early to do what the website development content of the network in which direction the direction is correct, if the direction of deviation and error if there are methods and methods to repair and restore. So we must take the site to start positioning clear, not blindly follow the trend to the station.

The establishment of the

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