Opened the eyes of Shanghai Longfeng station good luck mystery optimization

What is the brand influence

three, website construction

Four, understand the The structure of the construction site of

will not only affect the optimization of the site, but also affect the user experience of the website, improve website construction site, can let the spider grab convenient, convenient user experience is high. Construction site can use tree structure, design of the site navigation to clear, the use of home – channel page – product content page. The site within the chain construction needs to be netted structure, each page on the website should be pointing to the upper and lower "and related content links: home page link to the channel, the channel to the home page and the content page links, ordinary common content page to the channel and the home page links, content of the web page there is a link between each other.

search algorithm

optimization of Shanghai Longfeng luck? Industry resources + brand influence construction + know + website search algorithm + unremittingly efforts.

, industry resourcesNo matter

enterprises can have a brand to have the ranking, many potential customers will be directed to the product brand, even if the site shielding search engines crawl, enterprises can have a powerful user group. Shanghai dragon must take the brand as the core, to understand all the brand culture of the company, from the beginning of the brand positioning, to expand the Shanghai dragon brand marketing ideas, do the preparation, when the time is ripe will naturally achieve marketing results. Such as taobao贵族宝贝 shielding love Shanghai, the search engine will crawl the page snapshot, at the same time, potential users of Taobao is obtained through the brand, not just rely on search engines.

website operation according to the algorithm, the webmaster to understand enough to better optimization algorithm. Love the sea new Scindapsus aureus algorithm, owners need to have an adequate understanding of the new algorithm, love Shanghai severely "

webmaster want to do that, the industry demand for resources is an indispensable resource, the webmaster can make new online, there are many high weight site with a chain, enhance the weight of new sites to quickly also point the day and await for it. Do the chain construction if there is a multi platform chain source, much more than the construction of the chain website novice, and not only is the amount, the quality will be much higher. The station will have industry resources to win the starting line in the industry. Really want to say Shanghai Longfeng optimization of luck, can only say that the industry resources for web site traffic has laid a foundation for new optimization with luck said.

IT industry is Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster do the most bitter, frightened to face traffic every day, sometimes I really want to do is Shanghai dragon and other luck that maybe good luck today, ranking will go up, bad luck ranking fell. The webmaster feel that optimization is established? Luck Shanghai Longfeng discuss stationmaster eye with you.


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