5 kinds of methods to teach you how to get the long tail keywords






love Shanghai in the drop-down box when the type of a phrase, there are a lot of tips in the drop-down list, these tips are long tail keywords associated with love, Shanghai is set according to the user behavior. These long tail keywords tend to give the site a lot of traffic, because of this, the network is more people who have professional brush drop-down box "love Shanghai". Can also see the user’s search behavior from simple love Shanghai drop-down box, 10 tips love Shanghai drop-down list, is based on a period of estimated search times decided the user’s ranking. At that time, if you want to use such words as the core keywords, the need for further research and analysis of long tail keywords.


full understanding of user search behavior can better grasp the demand of people, write the article. We love Shanghai know can further understand the search user needs to find questions and answers.




site traffic statistics tool


both in love Shanghai search engine or search engine in the noble baby, are not difficult to find that most are related to the search column below, this column is related to search for users better search, is also the focus on user experience. The relevant search fully reflects the love of Shanghai focus on user experience, for the problem of Shanghai dragon Er can according to the situation to determine the key words, small enough to determine the title of the article. In general, extended word search proposal and relevant search will appear in Google keyword tool are noble baby, but search suggestions and related search using the most simple, the most rapid development thinking way.

is currently on the market there are many online and offline word mining tools, tools of long tail keywords Shanghai Longfeng tend to get the favor of the ER, it can be more efficient to grasp more long tail keywords, improve the working efficiency of Shanghai dragon er.



love Shanghai search

although many webmaster all know to use some tools to get some long tail keywords, but these methods are effective. Today I will introduce several effective access keywords.


love ShanghaiThe content of the


drop-down box


love Shanghai



Step The

keyword mining tool

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