Talk about the domain name contains the keyword function from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon

first enhanced domain name in the search results of the exposure rate. Many webmaster every day about how to make your site in the search results display more prominent, and can quickly cause the user’s attention. Relatively speaking, if you can put your site ICO icon in the search results show it is undoubtedly the rapid method to improve their website professional degree, but this method needs a web site with a visibility of its flow. For individual operation of the site to complete the dream is a bit difficult, naturally we need to go back to the times, from the domain name in hand. When your domain name contains the user using the search terms, the search engine will be given in bold, as shown above, when the user in the search of the 12345 keywords, if your website ranking in front and 12345 in the domain name on the keywords, the search led Zhi will be shown above the bold show, when users see their search domain containing keywords, will undoubtedly make the user interest generated on your site in the search results, and are in bold domain can be from a number of search results, let users see to your website, after all, bold words can make people a strong visual impact, not only that, when your domain name contains keywords and coincides with the users to search the word, the bold display of the site allows you to enhance professionalism is not small, At the same time also shows that this is consistent with the search engine to match good ranking principle.

domain name appears when users search words, search engine will be the bold, as shown in figure

followed by easy access to search engine recognition. As everyone knows, the website needs efficient ranking and included quantity, must first let search engine recognition site. Many owners think that search engine recognition site is the most effective a massive increase in the chain to the site. In fact, for this I think it is not the best, although the chain can make search engine recognition site, but is not the most simple and effective ways. Easy access to search engine recognition method is in the domain name registration, first determine the type of site, and the use of network >

with the correlation search engine more and more attention to the site, whether it is the content of the chain or Links or domain name, they contain the words of the site, giving the impression of one plus one equals two is not so simple, especially the domain name contains keywords to let Shanghai Longfeng optimization more saving time. Because when there is a domain name and user search relevant keywords, the search engine will be given in bold, used to prompt the user to this website domain name are even with your search keywords, its value may be a little higher. From the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not only can make the website domain name appears keywords relevant keywords ranking is better, but also for quick access to the search engine trust is very worth a try. Then the domain name contains keywords from our perspective to see the Shanghai dragon has several advantages.


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