Several factors influencing page ranking and coping strategies

as long as we carefully analyze the influence factors of page ranking, then the appropriate optimization, plus the time to, or to allow the home page ranking steadily! Here to discuss several factors affecting the page ranking.

first, domain name. Many webmaster for the domain name analysis more to stay in the name, is to choose a domain name and their own website related keywords, but also to try to remember the good, and the corresponding requirements for the domain name and no time, even think that the new domain name is better. In fact, the domain name direct landing page is the site of the home page, so if the domain name is longer, even if it is a new website, then this page will also be like Shanghai that there is a very long time, and thus obtain a relatively high proportion, ranking will therefore improve.

third, the website and server architecture. The key point is that the website home page, if the home get strong weight transfer, can let the more advantage in the rankings. For example, we can make the column page, content page random home page, randomly presented here is very important, many sites have emerged regardless of what the page will have a link to the home page, this architecture >

second, pay attention to the construction of the chain products love Shanghai. We know that the love Shanghai algorithm in recent years in the upgrading and adjusting constantly, which is the most frequent for the chain adjustment, but also for the quality of the chain requirements have become increasingly high. In this context, to make web page ranking steadily rising, there is only one way, that is always to do outside the chain to a high quality, and in many of the high quality of the chain, the chain only love Shanghai on the product only a durable. Because now seems to be high quality sites, one day will be like Shanghai K off, and then affect your web page ranking. Of course, here is not to say, can only choose love Shanghai products to the chain, choose some high quality portal website, the news media to do, or have the powerful optimization effect.

website optimization Shanghai Longfeng a very important job is to improve web page ranking, although we may also be able to optimize the content ranking to increase website traffic, but this is just a kind of optimization method, because they can not promote the website of comprehensive ranking, if we want to enhance the overall rankings, the key is to look at the home page ranking. However, factors that impact page ranking is relatively large, the optimization is also relatively difficult, which makes a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel feel very embarrassed.

but if you buy the domain name if you’ve been K, then the domain name for the home page ranking will have a negative impact, this will reduce the weight of Shanghai love home. Thus, the important influence of domain name for the web page ranking is generated, we choose the domain name, must choose a long time, but has not been in love with the sea K domain name, web page optimization that can do easier.

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