Amazon UAV express costs can be reduced to 1 in China is difficult to commercial

Amazon UAV delivery costs can be reduced to $1 in China is difficult to commercial

[TechWeb] April 13th news report, said in a study of Financial Research Company ARK Invest days ago, Amazon UAV delivery cost per piece can be reduced to only about $1 (about 6 yuan), equivalent to only a fraction of the current day of business. Many industry insiders pointed out that the future of UAV in express distribution will have a brilliant future, but because of policy, safety and other factors, Chinese difficult in five years to achieve large-scale commercial.


as the first batch of test UAV express delivery business enterprise, which invested a great deal of energy, and even promote the development of the U.S. government policy. Amazon CEO Geoff · in the end of 2013 for the first time, Amazon disclosed the Prime Air logistics program, that is, through remote control UAV delivery of small parcels. Since then, Amazon’s test information in the UAV constantly, but affected by the U.S. policy, Amazon will even test moved to Australia, Canada and other regions.

With the deepening of the Amazon

test, the day before, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration FAA said, Amazon UAV in the United States can test free freight, the premise is not more than 400 feet altitude, speed of not more than 100 miles per hour.

in the industry view, UAV distribution can not only significantly reduce the cost of distribution, but also to improve efficiency and solve the problem of remote distribution. At present, including Amazon, DHL, SF, enterprises are in a large number of test UAV express delivery.

at present, SF is the Pearl River Delta region of a large number of test UAV, flight data collection, provide data support for building future operation, debugging system. It is understood that the SF UAV test point routes including mountains, large lakes and reservoirs in remote rural areas, etc..

insiders pointed out that, although there is still a large gap between domestic UAV technology and the United States and other places, but the most critical issue is the policy, the domestic UAV into express delivery at least to 4-5 years later.

it is understood that the relevant departments of the country issued in 2009, civil UAV air traffic management approach does not involve the relevant content of commercial applications. The industry said that the current domestic UAV application within 500 meters of control, the flight altitude of over 1000 meters that is likely to endanger the safety of aircraft routes. The large-scale use of UAVs means that the need for a large number of routes, in the current situation is not realistic.

but the boom in the UAV market has prompted domestic authorities to speed up the development of relevant flight standards. It is understood that the owners and drivers association with China aircraft (AOPA) as the representative of the organization, is to promote the UAV industry flight standards, and compliance. At the same time, China’s "unmanned aerial vehicle flight management regulations" are being developed, which may be such a flight >

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